Intent on Ecocide, Humans Murder 90 More Elephants

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Intent on Ecocide, Humans Murder 90 More Elephants


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Nearly 90 elephant carcasses have been discovered in Botswana. The remains, which the poachers attempted to hide by covering them with wet leaves, were killed and stripped of their tusks.


Many of the elephants were killed in the past three weeks. In addition to the elephants, three white rhinos were also poached recently.

Both the rhinos and elephants were poached near a Botswana protected sanctuary.

The number one importer of ivory is, of course, China. Though formally illegal, the market for ivory remains. They claim the practice of ivory carving as a cultural tradition, criticism of which amounts to criticizing China's 'rich cultural heritage'.


The new President of Botswana, Mokgweetsi Masisi, is currently paying a visit to Xi Jinping.


Masisi is responsible for lifting the penalties on elephant poaching, which had formally been a death sentence. He disarmed the sanctuary patrols of their military weapons.

As NPR reports,

Botswana disarmed its anti-poaching unit in May, one month after President Mokgweetsi Masisi took office. The country previously had a shoot-to-kill policyagainst poachers. The BBC reports a "senior official in the president's office, Carter Morupisi, told journalists in Botswana at the time that the 'government has decided to withdraw military weapons and equipment from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks', but he did not explain why."

A hundred years ago, there was an estimated million elephants in Africa. Now that number is estimated to be half as much. In the past ten years alone, over 100,000 elephants have been killed for ivory, or roughly 10% of the entire elephant population on Earth.


Elephants are known to be highly intelligent. They can identify different languages, use tools, understand body language, show empathy, mourn their dead, mimic humans and have extraordinary memories. But we murder them for their bones, because of bullshit TCM ideas about making our penises work better.


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:( fucking hate most humans :(

Resteeming this so this can spread. We need more than ever multinational response to not only combat poaching but also combatting the conditions that allows poaching to exist. And this can not be done out of moral goodness but out of the existence and survival of these animal species alone.