British government acknowledges in secret memorandum that the economy will get worse with "Brexit"

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When the United Kingdom formally leaves the European Union, growth in its economy is expected to fall by between 2% and 8%, the document said.


According to the Spanish newspaper "Expansión", a secret memorandum from the British Government, augurs a worse performance of the British economy after the exit of the European Union materialized.
"Whatever happens to Brexit, and in any of the possible scenarios, the economy will get worse, a conclusion that is generating controversy in London and is even being debated in the British Parliament," writes the Spanish newspaper.

The document indicates that a "non-agreement" with the former European partners, an option advocated by a major part of the Government of Theresa May and that would lead the UK to be governed by World Trade Organization (WTO) rules, will result in a decrease of the economic growth in the next 15 years, up to 8%. But if a free trade agreement is reached, that decrease will be limited to 5%.

As for the option for a smooth Brexit, which would lead the British to sign an agreement similar to that of Norway, will result in a decrease of only 2%. However, underlined the "Expansión", this last scenario was discarded by the Prime Minister Theresa May, in that it would allow the free movement of people, an essential theme of British domestic politics and one of the motors of the "yes" campaign in the Brexit.

George Soros, a US billionaire, donated 450,000 euros to influence the votes of the British MPs. Purpose: to avoid Brexit.


US billionaire George Soros has donated £ 400,000 to a pro-European organization that is trying to influence British MPs' votes on the final Brexit deal, president of "Best for Britain", Mark Malloch-Brown said today.

"Through its foundations, Soros has contributed £ 400,000," said Gordon Brown's former minister, Mark Malloch-Brown, who is also chairman of 'Best for Britain', an entity that the "Daily Telegraph", supporter of leaving the United Kingdom of the European Union, accuses of conspiring "to overthrow Brexit".

According to the newspaper, this "campaign to overthrow Brexit" will be launched nationwide this month, aiming to "lead to a second referendum to get the UK to stay in the European Union".

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