BPA and its Gender Bending chemical effects

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BPA and its awful side effects is nothing new, but this topic needs to stay relevant and in peoples minds. Here is a summary again of the awful side effects that BPA brings and some links to very interesting articles from the years discussing this.

What is BPA

BPA (bisphenol-A) is a chemical that is added to many commercial products, including food containers and hygiene products.
It was first discovered in the 1890s, chemists in the 1950s realized that it could be mixed with other compounds to produce strong and resilient polycarbonate plastics. These days, BPA-containing plastics are used in food containers, baby bottles and other things.

BPA is also used to make epoxy resins, which are put on the inner lining of canned food containers to keep the metal from corroding and breaking.

Common products that may contain BPA include:

Items packaged in plastic containers
Canned foods
Feminine hygiene products
Thermal printer receipts
CDs and DVDs
Household electronics
Eyeglass lenses
Sports equipment
Dental filling sealants

"Prenatal exposure to common chemicals used to soften plastics may impact boys’ play behavior later in life, according to new research published in the International Journal of Andrology. This new study expands on a wealth of previous research in animals showing that exposure in the womb to chemicals known as phthalates was associated with lower testosterone production, and subsequently impaired genital development. (This phenomena, known as the phthalate syndrome, has also been shown to influence sexual development in animals later in life.)"

So not only do these chemicals lower a boys testosterone production it also potentially causes large influences on gender identity and play behaviors as children grow!

No wonder we have so many boys trying to be girls and girls trying to be boys. Excuse me if I am a little confused and alarmed that nowadays speaking about the genetic difference between woman and men is considered gender inequality and sexist. Embracing the differences between men and woman is great and the natural order.

"Four out of every five British teens have their hormones upset by gender-bending chemicals found in plastics, new research suggests. Members of the ECA committee warned that BPA can disrupt the body’s endocrine system, which is the collection of glands that produce hormones. They highlight the chemical’s “endocrine disrupting properties, which cause probable serious effects to human health” including infertility and aggression in girls as young as three."

Is it sexist that boys should play with trucks and girls should play with dolls?

Many parents discover that preschool children are not too far different from animals in behavior, scientists can back up these observations with hard data.

"Play behavior is different in male and female rodents, and in two species of monkeys there are studies where male monkeys chose wheeled car toys more than females," Swan says. "There appears to be a biological basis for these choices. If this was not measuring something objective, I don't think you'd see these differences over and over again."




There are many differences and similarities between the sexes, this is normal and the way things should be. We have to see these obvious external causes that create unnatural changes to the body and brain development in girls and boys and change this before things become too grave.

Its not simply a sign of the times that boys are becoming more feminine. It almost seems that at the highest levels known toxins and chemicals are being pushed with this as the desired outcome, we need to be aware and do something about it.

Thanks for reading


Most cities along on the eastern states have their sewage overflow going into the rivers, people pissing out all their birth control and ssri pharmaceuticals, etc. etc. These same cities draw their drinking water from the river; treat it with fluoride and chloride, but the pharmaceuticals don't get filtered out, they are still there in trace amounts. There's always more storm drains up upstream.

Well said, yes drinking water has lots of stuff thats best to avoid. I use a very good filter that clears almost 100% of that BS. I have a fluoride article coming out next actually...

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