I was amazed to find someone with more technical knowledge had researched the specific model. Apparently he discovered over 20 different vulnerabilities.

Indeed. It will be interesting to see if there are more security audits done on vehicles as a result of the Vault7 release, I hope you will keep up us updated if you hear of any!

It's not just cars affected by QNX either, and it could possibly make nuclear reactors and public transportation systems vulnerable. Will keep you posted!

Meanwhile, back to approachable reality: The implications of QNX in terms of commercial and private airplanes are mind blowing. SO many convenient plane crashes, at one point small Cessna's were darkly called Doctor Killers by flight line mechanics. To be sure, politicians were among their numbers.

That is an important point. I am considering doing a post breaking down the Stuxnet Virus which targeted the control mechanisms of Iranian centrifuges used to enrich Uranium, working on some other posts first though. Thanks!

Rumor has it - pure babble, but interesting to muse upon - that, Fukushima was done on purpose to lash back at ancient Asian interests, who are fighting the NWO crowd, who are looking more and more like genuine satanists working to bring on Armageddon while kicking back in their underground shelter-cities, a la, Continuity of Government insanity. There is no government if the people are destroyed - they'd only have themselves to govern while assuming some mantle of righteousness. Accepting, of course, all of the accompanying unquestionable power.
Another elite pedophile confessed recently:

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