58 Palestinians killed in Israel's sniper in US embassy in Jerusalem

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By least 58 Palestinians were killed in Gaza on Monday by Israeli causes. Israeli soldiers fired in protest against the Palestinian protest against the US embassy opening in o Jerusalem. At least fifty eight Palestinian people died in this. The Palestinian Expert has announced a three-day mourning for Tuesday's commemoration of the victims.

Relating to CNN news, there was not so much casualty incidents since the horrific attacks of Judio forces in Gaza in 2014.

United Nations Man Rights Commissioner Jed Trash can Rade Jed al-Hussein said those who are in charge of this abusive human protection under the law violation must be dependable.

Palestinians would not have any other way than to burst out of anger. Israeli forces dismissed indiscriminately in thousands of protests At least 49 Palestinians died in this. A lot more than 2, 700 people injured in bullets The casualties may increase further. America Embassy in Jerusalem was inaugurated on Mon in protest. Israel's Leading Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump's girl Evanka Trump, son-in-law Jairad Kushner and some top officials of the tram administration were also present. Send video meaning trump to the wedding.

At least 58 Palestinians were killed in the targeted Israeli sniper (a type of gun, with a target targeted at a distant target). The carrying on protests in Land Working day are more robust in the wake of the business of the US Charge in Jerusalem. At least 2, 700 people were injured when they required part in the freedom struggle, as well as making peace with the Palestinians. To commemorate the casualties will be mourned three days from Wednesday.

On the day of embassy transfer, Trump composed on Twitter on Twits, "A special day for the Israelis", "The wedding ceremony commenced in the early morning at 9 am (embassy inauguration). A special day for the Israelis! '

Within the 'Great Turning Back' movement, thousands of Palestinians tried to cross the narrow border of the border with the Gaza Strip on Israeli line from the morning. Inside the wake of the 1948 massacre by the Palestinians, the protests emerged in the wake of a few weeks of ongoing protests led by Hamas's regime in Gaza. Monday was the day prior to the twelve-monthly memorial program of Nakbar (spring season).

In line with the Ministry of Overall health of the Gaza, the BBC and AFP say that you can also get 58 children killed in Palestine. By the time, more than 2, 700 Palestinians were injured in clashes with police.

Israel has implemented army to stop Palestinian protesters Palestinian protesters put stones and fire atelier targeting the soldiers. Judio forces fired and swooped in tear gas. The incident happened in the incident.

The trump supervision removed the US charge from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Palestinians believe beginning the embassy means spotting Washington as Israel's right to take control of Jerusalem. Palestinians have become angry only at that

Hamas has been demonstrating anti-Israel protests for 6 weeks in the Gaza Strip, a hardliner group. May be from the Israeli army that about 40 thousand Palestinians are protesting. The armed service took the necessary procedures when they started a violent riot. Palestinians out of cash the safety net in 13 places on the Gaza-Israel border and attempted to attack the near by Jewish families.

Meanwhile, the video message delivered to the embassy opening ceremony said, "Israel is a full sovereign coin state. He provides the right to fix his own capital. But for years we now have failed to recognize this evident thing. "

The Palestinians have demonstrated with Palestinian flags in entrance of the US charge. During this period, several police detainees were detained by Judio police.

Trump promised his election campaign, the Judio embassy will move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem if elected President. In 6 December, Trump acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. After this announcement the Palestinians became angry. Worldwide criticism of the announcement of the trump started. On 12 , 21, the Un Total Assembly voted for naming on Jerusalem to distance themself the recognition of the trump as Israel's capital. The announcement of the trump was rejected. Found in the voting, 128 associates voted in favour of withdrawal of trump Only nine countries voted against. 35 countries abstain from voting. Even now, Trump moved the Charge to Jerusalem from his persistent policy.

The united states charge in Jerusalem will be inaugurated when bloodbath is exterior on Monday. The White colored House's two important experts, Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner and daughter Irvanka Overcome, will be the starting ceremony.