Attacker pulls knife on officer, his response has the world amazed! 🔪🔪🔪

in news •  2 years ago

This Police officer from thailand was spending just another normal day at work at their headquarters, when suddenly a clearly distressed man walks in holding a large knife. The man was not having the best of days and decided to take it out on the local police. You can see it all in the video below:

Source: newsner

This video really tears me up.. its so nice to see a human being that relates and shows compassion to another Human!

What do you think if this happened in your Country?

Please Resteem to honor this officer's bravery. 🌻🌻🌻

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Guns don't solve problems, brave indeed


totally agree..
if this happened here at the philippines he would be shot in an instant.. 🔫🔫🔫

Shudang, that's how it's done sometimes. Good on the Officer for making the effort and then following up in an empathetic way. I appreciate when ppl try the non-violent option before resorting to more aggressive means. Sometimes, obviously when option a fails, b) must be implemented.


i just wish we will have more of this guy soon..
the world needs more people like this...

I saw this story today on FB. I love this.


i also saw this on fb today and i think a lot of steemians will appreciate this so i share it.. :)
very touching video indeed...

That was very touching. The police officer showed compassion and a high level of emotional intelligence to read the situation and effectively talk down the distressed individual. Kudos. 🙏👍🙌


yeah i really love seeing videos likes this..
faith in humanity restored... 🙏🙏🙏

In the us this would have ended differently


totally agree