war is peace, freedom is fascism, ignorance is dangerous.

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what worries the individual freedom-loving defender of the nation-state the most about the current political zeitgeist, is that we are called 'fascist' and 'nazis' by people who want to outlaw certain books, speech, debate, thought, and want us to bear no allegiance to family, country or God, but instead bow down to some ethereal idea of one global village where all mankind is equal and everyone somehow has what they need.

they genuinely cannot see they are exactly what they profess to be against, and this is worrying on two fronts:

one, how much power do those who have hypnotised vast swathes of the population in this way have?
and two, what else are they capable of manipulating people to believe, and then do?

there have already been many incidents of left-wing/ antifa violence against supposed fascists (trump rally attendees, those assembling for christian prayer etc.) without a trace of irony among them.


it blows the mind, until you understand the history of the mass programming of billions of minds, which is essentially the history of mass media.

to play with people in such a way so as to have them go and attack a peaceful political or religious event, believing they are attacking fascists, while dressed in black and committing violence, is a sign of the power over the minds the rulers have, through their ownership and direction of media and the education (indoctrination) systems.


if anyone is in doubt about the latter there is a long history of intelligence service infiltration into all major news networks, starting with the exposed operation mockingbird. it is highly likely that a majority of anchors, reporters and 'journalists' at all mainstream media outlets are intelligence agents;
and search the rockefellers involvement with the establishment of national education systems - what better way to mould the peoples' minds than to determine what and how they are taught?


i keep saying we're living in '1984' over and over again and while those who know agree, even the obvious dissonance, reverse-think, newspeak, telescreen, unnecessary mass surveillance, censorship of non-official views, every orwellian detail, along with many from huxley, yet the leftist-globalists cannot see that this is what we are living with every day today, right now, and they are the confused but loyal footsoldiers of the outer party.

a great example is the sjw/ leftists' support of islam, whilst islam wants to execute homosexuals. which is it, oh warriors of all that is righteous and holy? no man can serve two masters.


i don't blame the people themselves, they have been hoodwinked, manipulated, programmed, and it starts at birth and started way before their grandparents were born so how is anyone to know any different if every one around them believes the same? they are taught to hate those that do not go along with what the rulers rig as 'social norms' even if those social norms go against the basic rights of free speech, free association, and the right to own property. normality.

what can be done? explain why they are wrong as often as needed, you might save a few, but have a plan to gtfo of dodge when tshtf. with peace & love & grace.

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