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RE: Media NEVER Mention The #1 Cause of Climate Change

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  1. there is no man-made climate change. totally reject the premise.
  2. meat is good for you, really good for you, including all kinds of vitamins and minerals hard to gain elsewhere. meat has sustained humanity for thousands of years.
  3. non-factory animal farming is good for the earth.

you are simply an nwo communist in disguise, pretending to be some kind of truther but actually pushing the same agenda as the globalist bankers. hope no one is taken in by this non sense.


Yea Lee has been posting up some pretty cucked up trash lately. I like RT sometimes, but it's too far on the left for me nowadays. I tried posting Lord Monckton's page up here last time but I guess it was totally ignored....

I believe he’s mainly just referring to how awful factory farming is for the planet and ecosystems. The cesspools that are around these massive farming operations are disgusting.
Although I disagree with the extent people are complaining about climate changes being caused by our hands I believe there is some effect. Many people are claiming 90% of climate change is caused by us and our practices, I think it’s pribsbly around 10-15%. It’s still a good amount but not as sensational as they want people to think

Good point. Climate change is a fact, but how much it is caused by humans is debatable. And there's good reason for us NOT to exacerbate the situation.

Thank you, yes absolutely! We have the means and the understanding to not exacerbate so it’s up to us to fix that.

I used to fully believe in climate change and animal agriculture being the number one cause as well. Then I really started researching it, watch The Corbett Report documentaries on How big oil conquered the world and Why big oil conquered the world and my mind was blown away. Needless to say I don't believe it anymore.

Sure, meat is good for us. And sure, non-factory animal farming may be good to a certain extent.

But as much as I like meat, it's a fact that factory farming has got out of hand, and that eating factory-farm-produced meat is probably not the healthiest choice.

Remember mad-cow disease? The "farmers" found some nice cheap food, with which they could improve their bottom line if they fed it to their cows. It just happened to be processed remains of dead animals.

And that's just one effect. More will result if we don't deal with the causes.

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