Magnetic Messaging Review The 99 Best Texts Of ALL TIME By Bobby Rio!

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Magnetic Messaging Review The 99 Best Texts Of ALL TIME By Bobby Rio! Magnetic Messaging Review By Bobby Rio Best Magnetic Messaging Text Examples! Magnetic Messaging System Reviews Is Magnetic Messaging Key Lock Sequence A Scam Or Legit Program! Does Magnetic Messaging Really Work? What Is Magnetic Messaging? Don’t spend a cent until you read My Bobby Rio Magnetic Messaging Reviews. See My Personal Magnetic Messaging Examples Results. Discover Exactly What Texts to Send: Use These Magnetic Messaging 3 Simple Text To Get Meetups That Turn Into Sex and Relationships…

Product Name : Magnetic Messaging™
Author/Creator: Bobby Rio
The Faith Diet Bonus: Yes
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If you are not being able to get the girl of your dreams, then it is most probably your thumbs that are letting you down. Today messaging and chat through various platforms plays a very important role in your relationship. Suppose you have met a beautiful girl and made her laugh and at the might manages to get her number as well. But the next day when you text her she doesn’t reply. This is where you will think that what went wrong. Is this the hesitation of the first text that is restricting the girl from replying back or is it your text that is just not right?

It is hard to get the answers of these questions on your own unless you have any guide to get help from. There are multiple dating programs available on the internet that guides the user about the steps he / she should take in the process. Recently the demand of such programs have gone very high and because of that many authors have come up with their own products. Unfortunately nit all of them are legit and not all of them manages to provide the users with the results they are expecting from that program.

Magnetic Messaging is another dating program that helps you to communicate in an effective way. The author of the Book claims it to be one of the best programs available in the market but we will find out whether this statement is right or not. In this article, we will review System and will find out whether it is a legit program and whether you should invest in MagneticMessaging Program or not. Lets start with what actually is.



As mentioned earlier that Magnetic Messaging is an online dating program that helps the users to communicate with their dream girl effectively. To be more concise MagneticMessaging is a practical dating guide designed specially for men which instructs them on how they can text their girl after first (even second and third) date. The author of the Magnetic Messaging Text Examples believes that the smart phones plays an important role in any relationship and it has change the entire concept of the dating. That is why he has come up with a program that teaches men how they can use texting to good effect and can extend their confidence and can build an attractive personality.

There are two authors of The Magnetic Messaging eBook, Rob Judge and Bobby Rio. Both Rob and Bobby are dating gurus and both of them have several years of combined experience in their field. Bobby Rio basically runs a magazine as well and this magazine covers the topics about the men’s lifestyle. Before MagneticMessaging System. Bobby Rio has also published some other similar articles and books and that is why Bobby Rio has a good repute in this dating field. On the other hand, Rob Judge, who is the co author of the program is a professional dating instructor who teaches men how they can attract women. Rob Judge has also published some books and articles about how men can communicate with girls effectively. So it is very clear that both of them has the experience about the dating and how texting plays a vital role in it. We can expect some effective tricks from them in magnetic messaging members area. In order to find out what MagneticMessaging Program contains, lets dive into the Magnetic Messaging book and break it in to the parts.

We have divided the Magnetic Messaging System in to two parts as we believe that these are the two most important part that users will deal with. The first part of the MagneticMessaging program is named as Principles of Phone game and the other part of the program is named as First phase – You want to date her. We will discuss both these parts briefly so you would be able to know what Magnetic Messaging guide contains.

Principles of Phone Game

As the name suggests this part will help you to understand how texting plays an important part in getting the girl of your dreams. According to the authors dating is a three part process which are initial meeting, phone game (texting) and dating.

The phone game is the part where most of the guys went terribly wrong and that is why they didn’t manage to reach the third part which is dating. In case you want to reach that third part you have to make sure that you are communicating effectively. The Key Lock Sequence ingredients of communicating effectively are sparking emotions, making connections and handling logistics. All these ingredients are briefly discussed in the MagneticMessaging program and the users will be trained for all these Magnetic Messaging ingredients.

Not only this but this part of the Magnetic Messaging pdf also guides the users about the wrong ingredients of the effective communication. Some of the wrong ingredients that are discussed in this part are acting polite, making small talks, offering explanations and asking questions. Further this part will help the users in sparking the emotions and being more flirtatious with your girl. Till if the end of this part the users will manage to make the girl to stop everything she is doing just to text you ex back.

First Phase- You want to date her

The best part is that the authors have debunked the 3 day rule for waiting to get in contact. They believe that the girl should be contacted within the 2 day time period in case you really wanted to date her. However there are some rules that you have to follow in order to make your conversation effective. Once you will manage to apply these rules you will be surprised to see how soon she will purpose you for a date. There are some triggers that will create opportunities for you.

Magnetic Messaging Bonus

Along with the Magnetic Messaging program the users will get a book that contains 99 Best Texts of all Time. These Magnetic Messaging Text Examples can be used in different situations. There is also a power point presentation available with the Magnetic Messaging book that will teach you how to make a girl infatuated with you. Then there is a short report about the 12 best conversation topics. All these bonuses are available for free along with the Magnetic Messaging System and the users don’t have to pay extra for it. Lets find out what is the price of MagneticMessaging Program.

1. First, you send her an “emotional” text that stops her dead in her tracks and captures her attention and as her anticipating what comes next…

Magnetic Messaging texts shows her that you’re different and exciting, and gets her seeing you as an attractive, fun, charismatic guy, and draws out her FLIRATIOUS SIDE setting the tone for all your future interactions…

2. Next, you need to bond with her in a way that has her imagining spending time with you in the future…And feeling an “emotional connection” that goes beyond a “casual” flirtation…

MagneticMessaging texts shows her that she’s NOT just some random number in your phone… it lets her know that you “get her” and has her associating these warm good feelings to you…

3. And finally, you plant the idea of sleeping with you in her mind, so that she begins to crave and imagine it…

Magnetic Messaging 3 Simple Texts shows her that you’re the type of guy who makes it happen… has her desperate to spend time with you… And easily transitions to a meet up.

Magnetic Messaging Price

Considering the Magnetic Messaging bonus and content that this program contains, Magnetic Messaging seems to be a high priced program but surprisingly it is available in a very affordable price. The Price of the complete program along with bonuses is just 47 dollars. Above that there is 60 days money back guarantee available on MagneticMessaging System which means that if you are not satisfied with the MagneticMessaging Pdf then you can claim you can money back with in the sixty days of purchase.

This is all what program has to offer. Lets take a quick look at the pros and cons of Magnetic Messaging System. This will help you to figure out whether you should consider Bobby Rio program or not.

The Pros Of Magnetic Messaging

• Best for those men who heavily relies on the technology such as texting and IMs.

• Step by step program that will teach you how to become successful in dating the girl of your dreams. This is a practical product that will teach users the art of texting.

• Contains the Dos and Don’ts of the texting and also provides the tips about how to tackle the awkward situations.

• Magnetic Messaging Guide contains real life examples to help users to learn things effectively.

• Customer support is also provided with the program and users can reach the customer support any time of the day.

The Cons Of Magnetic Messaging

• Unfortunately Magnetic Messaging guide is designed only for men and interested girls have to look for some other program.

• There are some typos found throughout the MagneticMessaging program which we believe will be corrected in the future.

• Some of the Magnetic Messaging examples are very detailed but looks unrealistic.

Magnetic Messaging is an effective dating guide for men as the authors of the Magnetic Messaging guide are experienced and knows what it takes to get the girl of your dream. Even the price of the Magnetic Messaging program is not that high and the money back guarantee provides users with the insurance on their money. Magnetic Messaging is a light and fun way to learn the trick of being entertaining. It might not be a program for everyone but it definitely worth a look.

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