Another Case of Fake News - Trustnodes Claims Bitcoin Cash Handles Most Transactions

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Just came across an article on where they claimed that Bitcoin Cash had the highest amount of transactions of any public blockchain. Some of you might have heard that Bitcoin Cash performed a stress test recently, which increased the number of transactions processed to around 2,3 million in a 24-hour time span.

First paragraph:

Bitcoin Cash has managed to overtake ethereum’s record of 1.4 million transactions a day by mining 2.2 million during a stress test of the network that showed its limits and its capabilities. trustnodes

If we take a look at Blocktivity's statistics, we can easily spot that Bitcoin Cash has not even surpassed Steem's 24 hour transaction record. Currently EOS is also showing a 24 hour transaction record of just over 10 million transactions.

I just want to point out that it is pretty funny that a website called TRUSTnodes, publishes such untrustworthy articles. Other crypto news outlets did manage to do their research and were quick to point out that Steen, EOS and Bitshares had all beaten Bitcoin Cash's record earlier. did a pretty decent job, they actually included statistics from Blocktivity in their article. Even though their title is also a little bit misleading.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Passes Stress Test with Transaction Record -

Some news stories seemed to indicate that Bitcoin Cash's community was spreading false information, by claiming the Bitcoin Cash network processed 60% of all transactions that day. The EOS community refuted those claims, also going by Blocktivity statistics.

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Stress Test claims total transactions of above 60%; EOS community refuses

Is it really that hard to do some proper research before publishing an article?

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At this hectic crypto times, we are living in, it gets every day harder to distinguish the truth from the well-packed lie without some serious digging. And even then we can get fooled.

In my country, we have an expression that says something like: "Every cowboy praises his horse!" - And in that sense, I would understand the author of the article if he/she is some fan of Bitcoin Cash or in some other way more deeply involved with the currency, but what is too much it's too much, as it starts to be an insult to readers' intelligence (from my point of view).

However, very good review and observation.


Yeah it did seem like the author might have been shilling for Bitcoin Cash. That wouldn't surprise me too much. Good point :)

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EOS is pretty legit and has only started reaching its potential of TPS. It is going to be exciting to see where it goes in the future. Pretty sad that Bitcoin cash and those that cover it have to resort to stuff like this to stay relevant :)


Yeah, Bitcoin Cash doesn't really have the best reputation. They've been spreading all sorts of false rumors since they first split from Bitcoin Core.

Thanks for the sober perspective @daan!

@daan maybe something will change