Prague will increase number of air-conditioned trams and buses!

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Hi everyone!

My homeland, the Czech Republic, is one of those countries that usually have four, very distinct seasons of the year - spring, summer, fall and winter. All of these seasons have their unique charms and atmospheres so when visiting Prague, you can basically never go wrong, no matter what part of the year you choose for your trip.

Summer is a great time to visit Prague too - the days are longer (the sun rises as early as at about 5 A.M. and sets as late as at 9 P.M.), you can wear just shorts and T-shirts, you can enjoy our renowned cold beer in outdoor terraces or cool yourself down at some of Prague´s many swimming pools (both artificial and natural).

Source: Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons)

One of the biggest drawbacks of visiting Prague in summer used to be traveling by the public transport as the buses and trams often get uncomfortably hot and stuffy but this is just about to change.

Source: Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons)

The Prague Public Transport Company wants to increase the number of air-conditioned trams and buses by at least 50% by the end of the year. Overheated trams and buses negatively affect both drivers as well as passengers so providing A/C in more of them will certainly contribute to better working conditions for the drivers and more enjoyable vacation for the tourists.

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This shows they care about the people also and not just profits. I'd love to visit your country.


I sure hope you will be able to one day.

Wow that is a great news for you and your people!! Thankfully now the heat will convert into the chilly air. Your leadership is really doing great in order to provide comfort to the masses.


We are all happy and feeling privileged. I am very glad especially for the ones that are using a public transport on daily basis to commute to work or go to schools.

Cooler rides in hot weather, What's not to love? I am sure more cool people (pun intended) would be attracted to leave their homes and roam around in the city :-)

On a serious note though......... I think public transport is a very underrated way of exploring a city. Some of my best experiences during city rides have been in the public transports. I hope this attracts more tourists to take up the buses and the trams as they try to get to know Prague.


Oh I absolutely agree with you on that one. Plus the public system in Prague is designed in a fabulous way, fast, easy, cheap - the most convenient really.

Bravo for Prague! I was there on New year's 2012 and your public transport seemed very modern and convenient. Here in Zagreb, Croatia the drivers rarely turn on the air conditioning in buses or trams, or the vehicle isn't even equipped with one. On the other hand, ticket price is still going up.


Feel free to join my Prague/Czech Republic photo sharing challenge if you have some images from your trip. I reward users daily for sharing their pics from my homeland.


Oh that sounds excellent! I will check my computer tomorrow and see what I can find! Thank you for reply!

It sure is a very good news for the travelers especially those who will use these transports !

and no wonder Czech Republic is indeed a great country to visit!

Thanks to you that we get to see the beauty of your country : )


It sure is a great news and big improvement for everyone. Tomas


It sure is a great
News and big improvement for
Everyone. Tomas

                 - czechglobalhosts

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

by read this article I would like to come Czech Republic.The Prague Public Transport Company doing great job to buying air conditioner buses and trams. Which month is summer season for come to Prague.


It's just started actually on goes on for next three months....

That sounds nice! Warm buses and trams in the summer is extremely uncomfortable, so I'm all for this.

Great news for the tourist who are planning to visit Prague in summer season. It is nice that public transport company is not only take care of local but will also provide tourist a nice facility. Hopefully it will attracts more tourist. keep shairng @czechglobalhosts

Sir visit any place in summer is a big challenge.because very hot weather is a big challenge for visiter.if place is cool yes i agree with u.


Good news. That reason will be attract more people to come czech republic.

@czechglobalhosts air conditioned buses will be great for people in summer

Interesante @czechglobalhosts, esto hace mas agradable la ida al trabajo y el regreso, un ambiente agradable es bueno cuando salimos de nuestra zona de confort. Un gran saludo amigo. Si desea revisar mi blog solo acepto buenas sugerencias para mi crecimiento en Stemit.

It's a good news for those who especially go on jobs in the morning and come back in the daytime, Surely they need to travel on these buses to go from one place to another. AS you told now there will more air conditioned on the bus, more people will travel through these and their revenue will also be increased.

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That is really a good privilege for the people of Prague. And it will give much more comfort to the ones who uses public transportation on their needs... Best of luck. Enjoy this initiative