Prague just opened new natural swimming pool!

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Hi everyone!

After a short period of unusually cold temperatures, the summer seems to be in full swing again in the Czech Republic and thousands of people in the capital city of Prague will be looking for a place to cool themselves down.


There are dozens of great options in Prague including both artificial and natural swimming pools. Just a couple of days ago, another amazing natural swimming pool was opened to public. Located in Lhotka in the southern part of the city, the new pool consists of three connected lakes, only one of which is designated for swimming though as the other two are used for regeneration and cleaning of the water.


Visitors of the new facility can choose from a variety of drinks , meals and sweets offered at the site, including ice cream and fish specialties. More attractions such as beach volleyball courts, playgrounds and sauna should be finished by the next summer.

The entrance fee is 100 CZK (4 EUR / 5 USD) for adults, kids pay only 30 CZK (1 EUR/USD).

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Your government really cares about it's people


To be honest we are pretty privileged with the way our country is run..... I know majority of the citizens wouldn't agree with me but thanks to my extensive travels I can definitely compare with the rest of the world and we sure come out pretty close to the top in many different areas.

wow ! I'll try it for sure next time I come to Prague !
Thanks for sharing this good info :-)


Great to hear that! Take some pics once you do:)


yeah ! I’ll tell you when the time will come, hope the sooner (: !!

That's fantastic news to Prague visitors. You gave massive update @czechglobalhosts. How many peoples can swim this newly opened natural swimming pool? I guess with this new made pool, increase attraction.


I am not sure of the capacity... I still have to test it myself:)


Yesterday I drove around and there were a lot of people.

Swimming with the greenery and plants is an amazing thing. I am sure people will love this newly opened natural swimming pool.


I definitely love it myself....

It is a pity that the Czech Republic does not have a sea)))


Oh, yeah.... if we did thought I wouldn't have a reason to go abroad, lol....

I've never seen a swimming pool quite like this, @czechglobalhosts! You are doing it right in there. 😀


I know, pretty spectacular, right:)


Definitely! 😀

I hope Romania will learn from Czechrepublic when it comes about tourism.



We are opened to give a helping hand:)


I don't know if the actual government is opened to that... :(

But I hope in the near future we will take Czech example!

That is awesome. Here in Utah, we have a place called Homestead Crater that is a geothermal hot spring. Inside there people go swimming, snorkeling and get certified for scuba diving. It is a pretty cool place and the water is always about 90-96 degrees Fahrenheit.



Wow! That is nothing but stunning!

It's beautiful

Thanks good news sir.very wonderful post. thanks for sharing your post

Very beautiful swimming pool. Czech is a beautiful country and everything related with that is also beautiful.

What could be good thing other than nature? A great step by your government! The peaceful surroundings and a calming place to enjoy.

It's very beautiful, yes maybe some people choose to calm themselves when the uncertain temperature comes and maybe with the family some people always feel calm.


the people living near that are so lucky :D

Wow, beautiful landscape. natural beauty with natural swimming pool amazing place. what is more needed if you have place like this in your region. Love to visit such place. Thanks for sharing @czechglobalhosts

What a refreshing landscape, Beautiful pool. @czechglobalhosts Excellent a country in evolution as it should be. Congratulations.

Wonderful place,I fall in love to see your photos.
Have a good day.

Hi @czechglobalhosts, Another greatest update in Czech Republic. I'm pretty stunning to read these impressive news. Now peoples can enjoy there also appreciate task is Prague authority arranged there more fun activities indeed beach volleyball and playgrounds. Entrance fees very low for comfortable facilities.

Well it sure will be a nice place for some cool time to spent and get rid of the hot summer ;)

very good that new attraction for the city of pragam and with that publication that you give sounds more tempting, greetings

Looks absolutely wonderful and mind blowing. Fantastic and pure water without chemicals. It 's cool and natural. Artificial swimming pools are costly but do not give a good feeling but these natural ones like this in Prague give a unique kind of relaxing feeling. It cools you down actually.

Beautiful Nature is beautiful