Prague experienced hottest summer in at least 244 years

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Hi everyone!

I have already published a few posts about the extreme weather that my homeland, the Czech Republic (as well as most Europe) has been struggling with this year so it might not be that shocking but it still surprised some of my fellow residents when the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute stated that Prague has just experienced the hottest summer since the very beginning of the official weather observation in Prague´s Klementinum in 1775.


The average temperature of this year´s summer in Prague was 22.7 degrees Celsius (72.9 degrees Fahrenheit), which easily broke the recent record from 2003 when the average summer temperature in Prague was 22.4 degrees Celsius (72.3 degrees Fahrenheit).

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Thanks for the post and updating the information.
Every part of the world is facing this abnormal climate condition. And these changes are due to global warming. If everyone won’t take the responsibility then situation is going to be worst.
Try to plant trees as much as possible.
Thanks for posting this important topic.


|ou are absolutely right, we should all take more responsible approach to our planet....

Excellent topic, I saw your previous publication of the climate of Prague, it is surprising what is happening, but that is very widespread in many countries of the world, climate change. Once I saw a video by Leonardo DiCaprio that talked about climate change, the dangers of global warming. Many people do not stop at that, nor do they know about the melting of the poles. In Venezuela, the climate varies a lot in most states between 27 ° and 28 °.
It is a change of individual conscience that we must have in order not to continue damaging ourselves and Planet Earth.
Thanks for your post.


Yep, it is a responsibility of all of us.... we all have to change our approach.....

Great post. But… Umm… less than 73°F? That’s a record high? Sounds pleasant to me.

Here in North Carolina in the USA, we’ve had temperatures pretty consistently at or over 90°F since the end of May. We’ve had heat indices as high as 111°F. This coming week, we except a cooling spell of temperature highs between 85°F and 89°F. Our summer nighttime lows have been, more often than not, warmer than 73°F.


Yeah, I know that for some of you guys those temperatures that are pretty extreme here are nothing for you..... Personally, I wouldn't survive very long in such a severe hot temperatures.....


Yeah… even people who’ve spent all their lives here may be adversely impacted by the heat. The elderly and people with compromised health, especially. Heat related health issues are common – heat related deaths are not common, but they’re not rare either.

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I hope this period will soon be a thing of the past, on the part of the world where i am from the rain seems to be forever for the past 3 months, flooding everywhere. God will help us

I like a picture it.

Great work
I share to Twitter.

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Ohhhhhh its too hot temperature in your country,In my country pakistan is also hot country,Pakistan city multan is very hot city,Normally temperature is 35 to 40 degress,Pollution is very big issue in pakistan,Our new Prime minister Imran khan,he is very good leader,he gives the idea,Pakistan's federal government plans to plant 100 million trees within five years.thanks for sharing,