Crypto News Flash #174: Crypto Exchange Huobi Jointly Launched A $93 Million China-South Korea Blockchain Fund !!

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Crypto Start-ups are in a huge trend these days and also there's a great demand for crypto start-ups. A lot of countries are reviewing their options to support crypto-startups in their own country. Blockchain Technology are spreading its wings across the whole World and most of the countries are adopting it with full support. 

Now, let's talk about the most Crypto-influenced countries in the World: China & South Korea.

These countries mostly remains in news for their constant commenting & policy implementation regarding cryptocurrency. But this time, both the countries have some positive in their Basket for crypto world. 

Huobi, the third largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, has recently launched a $93 Million Blockchain Fund jointly with China & South-Korea's firms to support Crypto start-ups in these countries.

Huobi made partnerships with Chinese Investment firm New Margin Capital & South Korea Securities firm Kiwoom Securities Co. Ltd. and raised $93 Million to support Blockchain Start-ups and foster collaborations between both the countries. Another company named South Korea Mirae Asset Financial Group also joined the collaboration as an Investor.

Well, this news came just after the Binance Crypto exchange announced a $1 Billion Blockchain Fund for crypto-startups. Some might call it a smart-imitation but Huobi certainly knows how to play its cards when facing with a great competition. 

Recently, Huobi also launched BTC ETF's which has already been trading on Huobi. 

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