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Such conclusions were reached by analysts of the international company Worldcore, which deals with payment transactions. Over the past year, 53% of the participants in the new survey have at least once made the purchase of a digital currency.

Half of the coin owners bought cryptocurrency with bank card.
About 89% of the participants in the study know what a digital asset is. Cryptocurrency is the most popular in Japan - 36%, in the USA - 25% and in South Korea - 18% of buyers.

In the European Union, only 8% of citizens bought Altcoins, in China - 6%, in Latin America - 3%. 1% of buyers of cryptocurrency is accounted for by Russia and the CIS.

Among those who bought coins, 21% paid using a credit card. 36% of customers used debit cards. 43% of respondents used other payment options.

"Among our clients are people of different specialties and ages, but the research was conducted among a very active audience in terms of transactions. Since one of the most popular services we have is mass payments around the world, as well as the use of cryptocurrency wallets, "said Alexei Nasonov, CEO of Worldcore.

It is curious that many organizations that are directly related to the digital currency industry are planning to issue their own cards.
For example, the Wirex crypto bank has officially announced the issue of new VISA debit cryptocards for its customers in the EU countries.

The cards will support multi-currency accounts (GBP, EUR, USD, BTC), as well as contactless payment methods, which will allow customers to quickly pay for purchases by crypto currency and instantly exchange digital currencies for fiat ones.

Wirex was the first European provider of cards that allows you to spend money converted from crypto currency.

Author: Marko Vidrih @cryptomarks

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