DASH breaking through ATH and 60M marketcap

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What an exciting day for #dash (notice #ethereum too). I will focus on #dash in this article.

The price has gone full #moon and with great news to match!

The D10e conference happened in San Francisco this past week on July 19th through the 20th. There were so many great presentations that it would be very tough to cover them all. I highly recommend checking out other projects that attended. Evan Duffield the head Dev of #dash did a great job presenting and you can find that video below. He hits many of the major points of transition to Evolution which should happen sometime in 2017. One of the features I am most excited for is the ability to name a public address something simple while retaining a complex private key. They also brought the Dash N Drink vending machine to really flex that #instantx system supported by the masternode network. See my article HERE about how strong that network is becoming. 

Shortly after the conference the price of #dash has not stopped moving up. Perhaps quite a few ears perked up at this conference? ;) Whether related or not the amazing features that #dash provides and is continuing to roll out is drawing the attention of many. Perhaps all this publicity is finally catching up?

Here is Evan presenting (will need to turn up the volume)

Co-founder of Ethereum and Bitshares, Charles Hoskinson, recently spoke about "cryptocurrency 3.0" at Coinscrum. What he says is interesting... and what he doesn't say is revealing - and what does it reveal? #DASH

And if the fire had not already been stoked. Here is the sometime infamous John McAfee talking it up lol.

As I finish this post #dash is already passing 9.50 USD and moving into 62M marketcap.

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DASH just keeps on trucking! it has its ups and downs, and not to mention a scandal or 2 but you have to admire the slow but steady progress.
Dash has a lot to offer!


Its true, I DO I DO I DO! :P

All the features coming with Evolution are pumping me up. Those lucky early adopters with tons of masternodes are sitting pretty right now lol.

Wow! If this keeps up the price of purchasing 1 #dash #masternode will be 1000DASH @ 10,000USD
What an amazing time we live in :O

Looks like a break above the upper trendline, which could portend a quick move higher. We could possibly see a doubling or even tripling of price in a short period of time if a strong wave higher develops. However, conditions are technically overbought at this point and if this rolls over, then the mania phase would be off the table. The strongest moves in crypto generally come during overbought conditions, so a strong rally would not be unexpected. The 20dma looks to be a good indicator here. A strong break below it would be bearish... or at least less bullish.

Rumors out of the latest bitcoin scaling conference indicate that very little progress was made on the on-chain scaling front. No new developments in hard-forking to raise the block size limit or segwit have been made it appears. Perhaps this will bode well for Dash.

Also, buy-side depth looks pretty good on Poloniex. Some of those large orders could be fake, as is sometimes the case, but only time will tell.

Disclaimer: None of this is advise of any kind.