John Orion Young makes #4 in Dapp Collectibles Ranking

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John Orion Young (@Johnorionyoung) is a classically trained second generation sculptor who has moved into virtual reality to practice his craft, and sells his work through a Dapp (decentralized app) on the Ethereum blockchain, viewable at
His site is 4 months old, and today, after a flurry of activity from new and old JOY sculpture owners, reached #4 in rank out of all the Dapp collectibles markets for 24-hour volume.



While the Ethereum flagship Dapp, Cryptokitties, did a staggering 225 Eth in 24h volume, this was spread between 392 users, whereas you can see that the activity from JOY's Dapp was all from the activity of 9 different users.
To put it in market terms, the "floor was raised," not just once but twice in one day, from 0.115 Eth to 0.227 Eth. This means, that to buy a "JOY" sculpture of your own, the minimum amount of Eth needed will be 0.227
However, if you are in his Discord channel or follow his Twitter, JOY gives notice of days that he will be releasing sculptures, which start at 0.001 Eth, so if you are there at the right time, you might get one for a lot less: only to have someone immediately buy it from you and leave you with a small profit.
To give an idea of JOY's variety in style, the sculptures shown above are his first ever released, and his most recent release.
Below, we see the two highest priced sculptures on his site.


What can we expect from JOY in the upcoming months?
How does being able to interact with the sculptures you own on the blockchain in virtual reality sound?
It's happening =)
JOY will also have a store in the sandbox builder world, Decentraland, and is hard at work at creating his own theme park in virtual reality: JOYland.
How is JOY feeling about the love his sculptures have been getting in the past day?


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Last week's winners can be seen here.

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That's so awesome art right there. Love it! The dragon art Surge is really nice.

Yeah his stuff is really fun, and each thing he creates is always so unique.

Thanks for the kind words @crittercrats :)

You are welcome! Your work it's so joyful and colorful. I love it! @johnorionyoung

Thank you for writing the the great article and for convincing me to join in here @corpsvalues!