White Helmets Fully Exposed as Hollywoods Favorite Terrorists - Over 200 Revealing Facebook Images in 5 Massive Files

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This is one of the main reasons Hollywood and the media are tanking right now.......they have lied about terrorists who chop off peoples heads. The White Helmets have beheaded and strangled children while conducting their false flags. George Clooney wants to make a movie about these terrorists and portray them as hero's. Netflix has already made a documentary painting these al-Qaeda terrorists as the angelic saviors of little children. The elitists that run western countries wanted to give them a Nobel Peace Prize. These people are sick. Our leaders are mentally sick. Hollywood is mentally sick. And George Clooney has the nerve to sit in the recent Hand in Hand Benefit for Hurricane Harvey victims and act like he's taking donations on the phone and cares about the plight of ordinary people. He doesn't care. This guy is a sick minded soul smiling at the cameras knowing that he supports the White Helmets terrorists. He is the Hollywood poster boy for all this deception. Take a look at all these photos and see for yourself what these horrible people in Hollywood, western capitols and on Netflix are supporting.

Massive White Helmets Photo Cache Proves Hollywood Gave Oscar to Terrorist Group


Over 60 White Helmets Facebook images at the link.

The White Helmets Terrorists – Further Extensive Evidence of Direct Collusion with Islamic Terrorist Groups – (Set 4)


Intertwined – The White Helmets and FSA Terrorist Groups – Evidence of Collusion -Part 1



“Now You See Me” – Over 100 White Helmet Self-Posted Facebook Images Expose Fake Humanitarian Group as FSA Terrorists Linked with Al-Qaeda


Direct Terrorist Collusion: Over One Dozen Videos Capture White Helmets Working Side-By-Side With Terrorist Groups in Syria



And now Rob Reiner and Morgan Freeman (links below) have the nerve to further this propaganda campaign and complain about Russia, who are wiping out ISIS and exposing this whole sick-minded propaganda scheme........ they are more Hollywood based sick souls. And have no doubt......they know exactly what they do. They know its all lies.

They are playing a role......... just like the White Helmet terrorists.




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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I've personally blew the minds of many friends who watched this documentary on Netflix.

Good to know. I truly believe it is the ultimate red pill as once one sees how the 'leaders' of the 'free world' have supported head choppers like the White Helmets then ones starts to look into how they could have been lying and supporting al-Qaeda all along and using them to take away our rights, enact surveillance and control measures over the citizenry and bring forward their globalist agenda's in order to enrich and empower themselves. Of course that all leads back to 9/11 and thats when people who see the White Helmets pics have the serious wake up call and begin to question everything. I try not to get mad at people who don't understand it as the propaganda and brainwashing is by no fault of their own. We are all on different levels of comprehension related to such. Thanks for the reply. :)

You're welcome. I do the same. Try not to get mad at people, sometimes I fail. The breakdown of The White Helmets by Max Blumenthal at Alternet really helped "break the Matrix" for some people I know. Understanding how media is "in" on the scam goes a long way also.

yashalevine Yasha Levine tweeted @ 19 Sep 2017 - 17:00 UTC

Morgan Freeman says we are at war with Russia, says "Join the fight." This is straight-up war propaganda. We's so f… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

NewDay New Day tweeted @ 19 Sep 2017 - 11:46 UTC

.@robreiner: "I don't know that the public understands the gravity of what the Russians were able to do" snpy.tv/2xcjUk6

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