Unsolved Mysteries of Egypt: The history and texture of the centuries still shock everyone.

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Whenever the wonders of the world are mentioned, the name of the Pyramid of Egypt is of course. The pyramids here are the monuments for the emperors of Egypt. The local people believed that after death, one enters another life. Therefore his body is kept safe. They were buried through a special technique, with their food items, clothes, jewelry, utensils, weapons, musical instruments and sometimes even slaves were buried.

The people of old Egypt believed that their kings are incarnations of God, so they must be kept safe. The method of antioxidation used to be unique too. Although there are many pyramids in Egypt, only 7 of the wonders of the world involve only one pyramid. Whose name is Giza's Great Pyramid.

This Pyramid of Giza was built in 2560 BC, this pyramid is the world's tallest structure in 3800 years.

In ancient Egypt, the great Giza Pyramid is known as the Kufu Pyramid. It was built only for the protection of the body of King Kufu.

The length of this pyramid is 481 feet, that is, 146 meters. Its base (base) is 552000 square feet, which is 55000 square meters. A corner of a pyramid is made in the area of 20,000 meters (218, 000 square feet).

There were 2,300,000 stone blocks used to build this pyramid. Whose weight is 5,216,308,000 kg (5,750,000 tons). 2.3 million limestone blocks and granite stones have been used to make them. The stone of the largest granite is in the king's chamber.

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