World super power, Merica!

Merica is right!
But America includes the entire continent.

Great op-ed @careywedler :)

Several of your articles over the years have really stood out to me, @careywedler. This one has got to be in the top 3. Great work, and please keep speaking truth! You have my support!

Excellent as always! Still waiting for you to disappoint me. I've got a feeling it might be a long wait... :-)

tedlieu Ted Lieu tweeted @ 07 Feb 2018 - 01:59 UTC

Dear @realDonaldTrump: You know what would be more useful than asking the Pentagon to waste money on a big military……

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Good post.
I would like to ask for suggestions and suggestions how to keep my steemit account as advanced as you.

Keep fighting Carey.

It seems that Trump just wants to show off that American has more and sophisticated weapon that can used anytime. It also shows that how Big is the fear of Trump on the braveness of Korea to show its threat on the nuclear project. Its my opinion

exactly right.
it's called deterrence.

I don't think I have read more than 2 Trump tweets since he took office...
Agorism rules this century my statist friend.

Stunning reporting, you have a new fan.

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