Breaking CoronaVirus Update! Terror Plot on World Population Revealed ― AND Trump Cancels Christ's Resurrection

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The invisible Scourge has been located ― The masses ARE the "Invisible Scourge!"

A Well Needed Good Rant....

By: aplanetruth 4u | Mar 29, 2020
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Over the last days, stretching now into weeks, president Trump has been unleashing a torrent of devastating bombshells ― on his own people! So, here are a few points for the good guys. During the March 29 White House Presser, Trump and his Task Farce Black shamefully pummeled the viewers with the insanely optimistic 2.2 million death statistic - purposefully repeating the highest of two explosive stats. Fire for Effect! Maximize the Fear!

Incredibly, earlier in the presser, the team's "medical experts" had already admitted they had come up with updated numbers from a new study, rendering them substantially lower. Yet, knowing how important repetition is, they lied and rode that wave of panic-inducing energy with ritualistic enthusiasm.

That new study, which earlier forced the UK to alter its numbers by a drastic multiple, revised down the US maximum alleged potential death toll of 2.2 million by an incredible 1.2 million, leaving it at an "estimated" 1 million. Embarrassingly, this is less than 50% of prior estimates. The now-admittedly-mistaken source – Neil M Ferguson and the Imperial College – served as the basis for Team Trump's original claims! And, we haven't even gotten to how inaccurate and fraudulent the whole testing process is, how ridiculous the standards remain for "confirmed cases."

From Jon Rappoport of
"The UK government, on its website, announced on March 23, under “Status of COVID-19”:
“'As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.'”

Part 2 will include Biblical Details & Timeline of America's Recovery and the following:

The transcript showing the bizarre explanation behind Trump's hideously absurd decision to align the day of Christ's Ressurection with the day of Peak Coronacost deaths in the USA; Analysis of incredible facts and numbers using the Flu-Coup orchestrators' own "official" data; Evidence that they have already been planting the seeds for a return of the so-called pandemic, in autumn of 2020!

We'll prove why "they" NEED you to follow the Social Distancing protocols (Hint: if enough people didn't, it WOULD POSITIVELY spoil their entire rotten agenda, save small business and individuals from financial ruin and prevent the largest redistribution/theft of wealth in history, as well as dependance on the STATE, and cut short what some have indicated appears to be the early stages of a Bolshevik-style takeover!)

You'll learn how truly pathetic and fake the social distancing guidelines are, just as Trump admitted Monday, by illustrating the difference between South Korea's tightly condensed population and the distances and open spaces separating sprawling farmlands inside the vast US territories. Mighty kind of him to mention that! It conveniently brings us to a bunker buster of a bombshell revelation, a crucial component of contagion which has so far been suppressed and left out of the formula, by the medical experts, government and media. Of course we refer to population density. We'll be coming back to it, it the next article.

Americans, Canadians, fellow patriots everywhere, regarding access to testing and toxic vaccinations: “Be careful what you wish for!” There was NEVER any ACTUAL scarcity. That too was part of the operation ― the most audacious large-scale Sci-Op ever perpetrated.

Something exponentially more contagious than COVID-19 is rapidly spreading across our realm, this time with multiple pathways to one is immune! The results are instantaneous and compeltely irreversible. Those afflicted become lifelong carriers, with near infinite capacity for further transmittal....

Although truth can exact a substantial toll its on bearer or "carriers," once sufficiently immersed, the protective properties of this most ancient of traditional remedies appears to provide the afflicted soul with all the innoculation they will ever require. And thus, they are highly resistant to vaccines.

Truth, courage, resolve and morality represent the quickest path to victory in this epic struggle against the #FLUCOUP2020.

Be the vector. Join the Resistance. Help it Spread!


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