Time to boycott Rambler.ru if you use it in any way

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I came across this article today about the Rambler Group causing the offices of NGINX in Moscow to be raided:


Quick summary of the article

Russian police raided the NIGNX office in Moscow based on a copyright claim against NGINX by the Rambler Group (some big search engine company in Russia which I guess I've heard of, but never used).

The NGINX developer developed it in his spare time while working as a system admin for the Rambler Group. Despite the fact that he worked on it in his spare time and it had nothing to do with his work at Rambler.ru, 15 years later Rambler is now trying to claim they own it. Note also that even if they had a reasonable claim under the law (spoiler alert, they don't), apparently that claim would have expired by now due to the statue of limitations. Still they somehow managed to get the office raided.

Why does this matter?

Outside of software developers, most people aren't familiar with NGINX (pronounced Engine-X), but they benefit every day from this free, open source software that powers most of the web sites around the world. So if you've used the internet (and I suppose you have, if you're here), then you've used nginx. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've seen posts where Steemit talks about using it in their own infrastructure (we also use it at BlockTrades and some of my other companies).

So while you might never directly see it, actions like this do real economic damage to everyone, including you as a consumer of web content.

With all the injustice in the world, you might wonder why I chose to highlight this one. Partly it's just because I don't have enough time in the day to highlight all the problems out there, and also because this is the kind of injustice that many will never recognize.

But the other reason is that I think that people who contribute their time to open-source software make some of the most valuable long term contributions to the advancement of technology, usually for little to no financial reward, or even fame or recognition. This guy is in many ways a good example of this: I'd never even heard his name before today, despite having used his free software for years both in my own companies and just while visiting web sites around the world. So when some rich guys decide to target someone like this in order to make themselves just a bit richer, it really angers me.

What can you do about it?

In this case, I felt like there was little I could do. I don't use rambler.ru, nor any products of the Rambler Group, so I can't boycott them. The most I could think of to do was write this post and hope that there's people out there who are using rambler.ru that may consider dropping it as a result of this raid. It's probably a long shot, but some days you find yourself tilting at windmills....


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yap - worked. Thanks.

Probably should be shared on golos too, where there are more Russians

Hmm, interesting idea, I hadn't thought about that.

Could be seen by more of them

I had a look at golos.io the other day and it seemed pretty dead. :/

golos.io is a forked version that is EOS based, old version that is based on STEEM is https://golos.id.

Oh, wasn't aware of that, thanks for the info.

Those guys who spent golos.io ICO's money forked EOS chain. Then they created this golos.io as the first dapp. Money is over and they stopped developing it. Now golos.id is fully community supported STEEM fork and golos.io is first dead dapp.

Food for thought

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Yeah. Every STEEM fork has a different story. No success story, yet.

Mostly, but a few will see and tell others

rambler is the google of russia

I live in Russia, almost nobody is using rambler. Yandex is the google of Russia.

Hi @blocktrades, I liked this post, thanks for sharing it, those who use Rambler, stop doing it!

In title you missed letter Ramber.ru instead Rambler.ru

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you do not use rambler, users from the ussr do not use it for ten years.
The company is dead and they just need pr


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Ah, that probably explains why they try to make money from NGINX then. It's good news I guess that it's a failing company.

Сбербанк попробует купить интернет-гиганта Rambler Group. После появления этой новости акции крупнейшего банка в стране пошли вниз.

Подробнее на РБК:

google translate

Sberbank will try to buy the Internet giant Rambler Group. After the news appeared, the shares of the largest bank in the country went down.

More details at RBC:

that's all you need to know about rambler :D

Thanks for the heads-up. Is VKontakte vk.com still a popular social media site in Russia? If so, perhaps we can add VK to the list of social media icons to the right of the Reply and Responses? Would help to encourage steemians to engage more with our Russian friends.

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Thank you! Yes, it was already solved 🙂

Don't use that, been having some trouble with nginx(won't quit at all) recently but its great software and should be left open. Can't believe some people.

In the CIS countries, the laws of logic do not always work. Thank you for sharing the information.

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Never heard it of, but will be on the lookout!

Also, first I hear of the evocative expression tilting at the wind — I suppose it means an exercise in futility?

Speaking of dubious characters online have you seen this great documentary (by two good friends of mine):


It's a reference to Don Quixote, and yes, you caught the general meaning.

I need to read Don Quixote, and am ashamed that I have not, already!

Turning 45 (one year ago) I panicked that I might not have time to read the great books I promised myself I would and sat down with Hesse's Glass Bead Game & Dostoevsky's Brothers Karamazov (both books which I highly recommend, if you've not gotten around to them, yet).

Brave New Week :)

@blocktrades, some good news, my friends who directed the documentary I recommend to you The Great Hack just made the Oscars shortlist 🥳🎉🎈

I think I’ll write a short post about it, soon, here!

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The question of authorship of the developed SOFTWARE while working in some company is very controversial.
I had a similar problem, but not on such a large scale.

In the US, it's not usually that controversial: if you develop it on your own time with your own resources, and it's not directly related to your regular work, it's generally yours. Of course, you can always have a special contract.
It's worth pointing out that in this case, the guy wasn't a programmer there, he was a system admin...So definitely not related to his work, I think.

Good Morning!

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Boycotting it for many years
Good incentive!


I'm just here to say you suck for downvoting my last post. Original content and no vote trading. I hope your exchange gets shut down by the feds for your abuse.

Your censorship makes you a first class PUSSY!!!!