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lol Jewish, please you are no Jew.

And Zionism has been around since 2000 years ago ever since the romans expelled the remnant of my people and renamed Israel to Palestine. If you are Jewish, you are a traitor. And Zionists not the Christian, Islamists, Babylonians, Persians, Romans etc etc are Zionists as well.

It’s you I feel bad for. You are sick and need
some kind of medication.

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Ok, well I see your intent revealed in your action to deny me my own human agency to follow the God of my forefathers as I have taught my sons. It is you who conflate Zionism and Judaism, yet make pains to point out non-jews, though avid Zionists, are not part of those you view as human.

I see. If they're not Jews, they're just goyim. Since you deny my own faith, you see me as nothing more than property too. The facts of your statements are here on the blockchain forever. If you deny them, you will only prove you are still a liar.

That truth will be permanent, public, and pejorative. You will live with it as long as you are here.