Most Efficient Way to *INVERST*. Dash Hits Record on USD $ 570 On 2 MB of the Block Upgrade , Deal of Zimbabwe (While STILL GROWING)

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Privacy -focused altcoin Dash did hit $570 per coin for the first time ever as a client update and the new features send investment to the overdrive.

The release of Dash Core version 12.2 Nov. 8 delivered both a 10 times reduction in transaction fees and an upgrade to 2MB blocks.

Since then , Dash has risen over $250 to reach new USD highs unmatched throughout its history. It has also reclaimed the title of fifth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap.



The project’s latest partnership with KuvaCash to help "solve inflation" in the turbulent economy of Zimbabwe delivered an additional price spike.

Among those most bullish on Dash has been economist and Bitcoin advocate Max Keiser. Pledging major belief in the altcoin this year , Keiser successfully gained sponsorship to create a sixteen-part TV show in which he would travel the US gauging people’s stance on the cryptocurrency phenomenon.

Announcing the trailer for The Great American Pilgrimage this week , Keiser called on the community to focus on Dash for payments and allow Bitcoin to fulfill more investment-related roles.

"DASH is emerging as the crypto payment rail while Bitcoin asserts itself as Gold 2.0 ," he told news portal Dash Force News.

"I suggest those frustrated by the Bitcoin scaling debate to embrace DASH for payments and leave Bitcoin Core alone to continue working on Gold 2.0."

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