If You are Still Alive in 30 Years, you Might Live over 1,000 Years Old

in news •  10 months ago

It might sound like we're not quite there yet technologically, but what they call " life extension " is real. There is anti - aging medicine, keeping the body in supply of all the minerals and vitamins it naturally needs to survive, and more complex things.

There is " indefinite life extension, " biomedical gerontology, and experimental gerontology, which generally refers to the study of reversing or slowing down the bodily processes that cause aging. The results are supposed to be an extension of our average and maximum lifespans.

So people draw the line here: should people take the more naturopathic route and try to keep our bodies in good health by understanding and helping along our body's own natural processes, or should people take the allopathic, transhumanist route and try to use high technology to live longer?

Certain scientists claim that we are just a decade or two from moving into this era where people pursue " life extension. "

In this author's opinion, transhumanism will immediately translate to technocracy and authoritarianism in the future: and those who push for a publically accepted transhumanist society such as Google's main engineer Ray Kurzweil will be the people to profit from such a future, doing a service to those who really want to dominate humanity.

Ray Kurzweil takes every opportunity to say we are fast approaching an era where people will start to massively extend their lifespans: think about living to be 200 years old, or 500 years old or even millennia old. Would you WANT to live that long though?

Of course, a prolonged life can happen just from consuming less chemicals that cause cancer and illness: but trying to prolong your life also requires that a person actually understand and continually study health, vitamins, minerals, and what personally makes them feel like they are healthy.

What specific advancements are being made in science or medicine that would enable people to prolong their lifespans for hundreds of years? Ray from Google doesn't really say, but transhumanism, or robotics, or high technology immediately comes to mind.

People don't really know what's coming for them.

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