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What is Admob ??

AdMob is a mobile advertising company founded by Omar Hamoui. It was founded in 2006 and is based in San Mateo, California. In November 2009 he was acquired by Google for $ 750 million. The acquisition was completed on May 27, 2010. Apple Inc. Has also expressed interest in buying the company in the same year, but they are out-bid by Google, and have since introduced their own advertising platform iAd. Prior to being acquired by Google, AdMob acquired AdWhirl company, formerly Adrollo, which is a platform for developing ads on iPhone apps. AdMob offers ad solutions for mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, WebOS, Flash Lite, and all standard mobile web browsers.


AdMob is one of the world's largest mobile advertising platforms and claims to serve over 40 billion mobile banners and text ads per month across mobile websites and handset applications.

For those who do not understand about Admob what is Admob? as well as why, let us study for a moment through this brief article. Admob is Adsense Portable Pay-per-click is a cell phone advertising service that used to be managed by Omar Hamoui but then in the acquisition of Search engines with a fantastic value of 750 million money.

Along with the growing current android Google's Users where the cheaper and affordable Google android phone world and the world in particular, the developers of the Application are competing to make a variety of applications, some are selling it for free or for free, and then embed Admob in it in order to generate monies.


Have you ever counted how many Google android Apps are downloaded by Google android smartphone users in a day Search engines Playstore? if globally it could be hundreds of thousands or even more. If you create an Application and then your application is downloaded 1000 people and then played actively call it only 500 people per day with one click more than two hundred ads worth more then can be sure how much your ad revenue through admob of the application you created? yes Rp. one humdred and fifty. 000 could even be more. That's just one application you made. What if you had dozens of apps you generated monies and spread on the search engines playstore? just calculate your own income !!!



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Admob Ad Example



If you see internet users use the smartphone increasingly day, the opportunity to get passive income from Admob is not impossible. This can be seen the growth of smartphone users higher. The admob performance also differs from Adsense, if Adsense is content-based blog, Admob-based mobile app content. Of course very profitable for you who want to earn income from Admob. And certainly you must provide Android applications, IOS and others.

For those who seriously want to explore about Admob, not much to prepare. Some of them are like setting up an Android app, signing up for an Admob account and signing up for developers in the Google Play store. The problem that is often faced by android application developers is when registering the developer. Later I write a separate article related to this.



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Admob Logo


Registering Admob is very easy when compared to registering Google adsense. You just set up a new gmail account and then instantly sign up for Google Admob. If you already have a Google Adsense account that is full approve, can directly register Google Admob and later you no longer need to verify the PIN when the first 10 dollar threshold.

When you're ready, sign up for an email immediately in Admob to get an active account. Registration is very easy, please open the official website at

Register an admob account

How to Apply Admob Account

Learning Admob is not as difficult and difficult as learning Adsense. Admob does not recognize SEO, link building, or anything else. Only need to do promotional strategies for many Android applications that download it.

Not everything is easy if you are new to learning new things first. Needs a sufficient cost is needed for purposes such as register developers in the Google play store for 350 thousand rupiah. Other purposes such as buying software that will be used to make Android applications instantly and quickly. The price of software also varies between 1 to 8 million dollars for pengakaiaan life time,

But in the admob guide provide free information a software called Android Studio that makes it easy develoment to facilitate apk apalikasi making. to download the application here

For those of you who want the challenge of making Android apps manually, please visit and learn in App Inventor, Eclipse or others. I myself do not want to get dizzy and more relaxed by using the software.



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