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RE: Trump Jr Beats Fake News Media To The Punch With Email Release

in #news3 years ago

The democrats are basically the communist party now and Antifa is their army. The communists have quite a few people inside the republicans as well. McCain and Graham are the obvious ones, but there are quite a few more. I don't see this stupidity ending anytime soon and I would bet it all leads to what the powers that be really want, civil war. Not to mention the race war and religious wars they are trying to start at the same time......and of course their favorite, WW3, which they are working very very hard to get going. We have some very interesting and potentially dangerous times ahead.


Spot on! And on top of that, he was set up. This was a trap, deliberately made to look like Russian collusion.

Very true, we need to vote these people out. The lobbyist paid politician needs to be made illegal. Donations need to be transparent.

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