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RE: Canadians Speak Out Against Sharia Law and M103

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The goal is not to impose anything on anyone. The goal is to have as many kids as possible who do the same and so on. Within a few generations, the power balance can be challenged or even overcome. You know this to be true. My best friend is Syrian and knows this to be true and is even participating in it. This is being done in every country.


Muslims have more kids because we enjoy them, not because we want to take over the world. We see marriages and families as blessings from God. I highly doubt your mate is having lots of kids so that one day the Islamic State of Alberta is established.

That's not what muslims who have become Christians say.
Usama Dakdok

actually he has 5 kids and he is only 30 years old and yes, he tells me it is his duty

Your friend sounds like a bit of a weirdo. Ive never met any Muslim like that before and I know quite a few of em.

With the highest population being in China and India?

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