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Chinese President Xi Jinping sent an Air China plane to bring the Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, Syria's First Lady Asmaa Al Assad, and a Syrian delegation from Damascus to attend the Asian Games 2023 in the Chinese city of Hangzhou.

The invitation by China was extended to most world leaders, this is one of the events that China is keen on hosting and keen on bringing in the world to gather to celebrate life and avoid the crises the fading Western hemisphere is instigating across the globe.

President Assad's visit to China will include bilateral talks on the different levels of mutual cooperation, he brought with him a high-level delegation to discuss political, economic, and other relations.

Both Syria and China stood by each other throughout their recent political history especially after Syria was one of the main member states of the United Nations to push for the recognition of China as the representative of the Chinese people, and China's support to Syria on the rights of the Syrian people to liberate all their lands from foreign occupiers.

China excelled in its support to Syria since it was obvious that the Syrian government and the Syrian Arab Army managed to withstand the unprecedented war of terrorism and attrition waged against it by the US-led NATO-sponsored crime against humanity project dubbed the Arab Spring.

For the first time in its history, China would use its veto power at the United Nations Security Council to defend a country other than itself in its defense of Syria, and even it was not required to do so as Russia was already using its veto against the Libya 2.0 resolutions the NATO cheerleaders of wars and destruction continue to put forward at the council entrusted to preserve peace and security across the world not to justify foreign interventions.

President Bashar Al Assad might bring back with him some economic relief in the shape of investments in Syria's infrastructure which was badly damaged by the US-sponsored 'peaceful protesters' of Al Qaeda and ISIS, by Israel, and by other members of NATO including the USA, UK, France, and Turkey.

More in this report: President Assad Arrives in China to Attend Asian Games 2023.

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The delegation with President Assad better take the opportunity and break ground on any useful projects seriously and not just think they're there for the games!

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