Russia Officially Accuses UK Navy of Sabotaging Nordstream Pipelines

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British navy operatives were behind the sabotaging of the Nordstream 1 and Nordstream 2 gas pipelines supplying Europe via Germany with Russian gas, Russia officially claims.

After over a month of investigations, deliberations, and worldwide assumptions and false accusations, the Russian Ministry of Defense is coming up with a statement directly accusing the United Kingdom of what it calls and which is a terrorist attack against its Nordstream gas pipelines last month, September.


The statement issued by the Russian Ministry of Defense conveyed by Russian media came at the same time Russia decided to suspend its participation in the Black Sea Initiative aka Ukraine Grains Deal, the Russian decision to suspend its participation in the deal effectively means ending the deal altogether and it comes after the Ukrainian army used the humanitarian corridor provided by the initiative to wage a large-scale air and sea strike attempt against the Russian navy fleet based in Sevastopol, the Russians say.

Whether you believe the Russian statements, it does not matter, the majority of the countries around the world minus the few ones comprising NATO believe them. It's enough that Russia itself issued such statements in order to take them seriously since it's a superpower with the upper hand now in all of Europe and much of the rest of the world.

We have no clue what could be the consequences of the latest Russian accusation of the UK's involvement in the sabotaging of the pipelines, we know that the acts of the other countries involved in the incident are not helping to refute the Russian claims, those countries are Germany, the USA, Sweden, Denmark, and the UK itself.

For more: this Tweet thread and this Tweet Reply.

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