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The governorate of Deir Ezzor in northeastern Syria is witnessing a renewal of fratricide between the different factions of terrorists sponsored by NATO, the 'defensive' alliance, the infighting killed many innocent people, destroyed many of properties including an entire village, and forced hundreds of families to flee their homes.

More than 2000 families were forced to leave their homes and farmlands in the province of Deir Ezzor from the areas where the two US-led NATO-sponsored terrorist groups, the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists and their own sub-group, the tribal so-called Deir Ezzor Military Council (DEMC) to the areas protected by the Syrian Arab Army in the same governorate.

These same families confronted ISIS (ISIL - Daesh), the filthiest filth of terrorist groups the CIA created, funded, armed, and commanded when these terrorists swept large areas of Syria's and Iraq's connected open desert.

Humanitarian aid was rushed from Damascus by the Syrian government and with the help of local humanitarian groups to provide for these families who need shelter, food, water, and essentials.

The infighting between the two US-sponsored groups started earlier this year and escalated swiftly a couple of weeks ago when the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists kidnapped the head of their sub-group, the DEMC.

The cause of their confrontation is the distribution of oil, gas, wheat, water, and other spoils of war in which the Kurdish terrorists, mostly hailing from the Qandil mountains in northern Iraq, are keeping the majority of the spoils to themselves.

More about this latest development in this report: Hundreds of Families Flee NATO Proxies Fratricide in Deir Ezzor.

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Nobody understands what it means to see your family members, the women and children in your family carry what they can and run for kilometers to reach safety while fearing any moment they can be killed or worse, captured by the terrorists, and hopefully nobody lives such horror except those who inflict it on others purposely.

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