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Israel carried out a double bombing against Syrian Army posts in the provinces of Tartous and Hama killing 2 Syrian soldiers, injuring 6 others, and inflicting material damage in the targeted posts.

Both Israeli terrorist attacks targeted the Syrian Arab Army's air defense units, the first in the countryside of the coastal Tartous province at 5:22 pm in which Israeli fighter jets fired barrages of missiles from the Mediterranean.

The second Israeli terrorist attack came later in the evening at 10:40 pm against a Syrian Army post in Hama countryside from over neighboring Lebanon.

In all of its terrorist attacks against Syria, Israel used fighter jets gifted to it for free by the US Taxpayers, and mostly missiles also gifted by the same gullible USAians directly from US weapons manufacturers and indirectly by 100% subsidizing Israeli weapons manufacturers.

Israel's own existence is aggression against humanity, it's a deplorable desecration and assault on the Jewish religion and in direct transgression on the Jewish Torah and the teachings of Prophet Moses which explicitly prohibits the Jews from creating a country for their own (see the video clip at the end of this post and then do your own research.)

Israeli's existence is on the account of the real Semite people of the Levant, the people of Greater Syria: today's political Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan, not the foreign imported settlers from across the planet.

Israel's borders as of today are in violation of the UN Charter and dozens of resolutions by the United Nations Security Council.

Israel's repeated terrorist attacks on Syria are in violation of the Agreement of Disengagement of May 1974 to implement United Nations Security Council Resolution 338 dated 22 October 1973, and it is ratified by the United Nations.

After reading the above, if you still support Israel, its existence, its aggressions, and its expansions, you're a faithful servant of the AntiChrist fulfilling his emerging prophecy to build a kingdom for him in the holy land, and you are cursed by the Creator, his angels, his prophets and messengers, and all the believers.

More about Israel's latest war crimes against Syria in this report: Israel Bombs Syrian Army Post in Tartous, Martyring Two Soldiers.

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Israel is the US's advanced terrorist hub to advance the sinister policies of those owning the USA and other Western countries through the plights of the people of the Levant and the imported Jewish settlers. Our army is fighting the entire West when confronting Israel and that's why they brought in Al Qaeda and ISIS to help Israel against us.

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