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Israel bombed Aleppo International Airport at dawn today as the pressure of the Syrian Arab Army and the Russian Army is increasing on NATO-sponsored al Qaeda terrorists in Idlib.

At dawn, Israeli US-made, fueled, armed, paid-for fighter jets fired a barrage of missiles from the Mediterranean at Aleppo International Airport, Syria's second-main CIVILIAN COMMERCIAL airport.

The Israeli war crime aggression destroyed parts of the airport's runways and main facilities taking the airport out of service.

This is still a developing story at the time of this report, there's not much further information coming from the site except the timing of this Israeli aggression, like each previous one, coincides with the heavy beating of the NATO proxy forces of the Turkey-sponsored al Qaeda in Idlib and Aleppo countryside.

There are no coincidences in politics especially in the Levant.

More about Israel's latest war crime amidst the deafening silence of the so-called 'international community' and the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council in this report: Israel Avenges Attacks on Al Qaeda, Bombs Aleppo Int’l Airport.

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Every criminal in our world will get punished by God, or for those who believe their ancestors were apes by karma. The punishment might come in this life, directly on them and seen by everybody, or on their loved ones. The criminals of Israel and its supporters will see the punishment coming to them sooner or later and if God hates them as much as we do, he will not allow them to repent so he can settle their scores on Judgment Day.

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