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The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed forces Mark Milley paid a surprise visit to the US troops in Syria, this is the highest-ranking officer commanding the US Armed forces and their proxies to sneak into Syria to visit his forces there.

In addition to the US Army in its different branches, this commander is also the supreme commander of proxy forces operating under the US command like the Kurdish SDF separatists, Al Qaeda Levant, and its offshoot ISIS aka ISIL and Daesh.

The one-day visit was highly likely done after obtaining the approval of the Russian forces operating in Syria who in turn communicate with their Syrian counterparts since the USA has severed its relations with Syria.

Furthermore, Syria considers all presence of the US forces, the US Army stealing the Syrian oil, Al Qaeda terrorists blowing up schools and hospitals, ISIS terrorists blowing themselves up in Syrian targets and massacring farmers, and the Kurdish SDF separatists uprooting the Syrian people to try to carve up a country for themselves from Syria, all of these forces as illegal occupation forces and need to leave based on international law.

The top commander of ISIS and the US Army oil thieves did leave a one-sentence statement that tells a lot about the current Biden junta when asked by a reporter whether sacrificing 900 US army servicemen is worth the price of stealing the Syrian oil and massacring farmers, he replied: the price is worth it.

Details in this report: ISIS Supreme Commander Visits US Army Oil Thieves in Syria.

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I love how your site always delivers the naked truth in all its ugliness, the authors never fail in telling things as it is without any beautifying of the ugly criminals and their ugly crimes.

Calling the terrorists by their names even during the old days when most people around the world were confused.

Thank you Syria News, thanks to the new author there Safaa S. and special thanks to Arabi Souri who has been keeping Syria News throughout the years defending us in Syria.

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