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At least 14 civilians and more than 2 dozen terrorists from the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists were killed in the ongoing clashes between members of this NATO outfit in northeastern Syria since last Sunday, 27 August 2023.

The clashes with heavy machine guns and artillery started after members of the so-called Asayesh, the security apparatus of the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists kidnapped the commander of the so-called Deir Ezzor Military Council, another group operating within the structures of the aforementioned Kurdish one.

Accusing the kidnapped commander of being a drug trafficker and in contact with foreign elements, in addition to not 'containing' ISIS properly, the Kurdish SDF terrorists sparked a long-brewing animosity between the tribal Arab and Kurdish members of the terrorist outfit created by the CIA and sponsored by NATO.

Local sources and bragging between the terrorists on the number of casualties each one inflicting on the other confirm that at least 14 civilians and more than 24 terrorists have been killed so far in these clashes and large destruction in the properties in the affected Syrian villages.

Commanders of the so-called Deir Ezzor Military Council insist on fighting what they call 'Yellow ISIS,' referring to the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists until their commander is released and their shares of the stolen Syrian oil increase despite the hard efforts of the US CENTCOM, the main body organizing and commanding the assorted terrorist groups in the Arab world.

More in this report: US Proxy Terrorists’ In-fighting Kills Dozens Including 14 Civilians.

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I don't mind them fighting each other but these warlords have to fight each other outside the towns and villages and not to use the civilians as human shields.

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