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Biden forces committed another massacre in the desert of Deir Ezzor, 4 shepherds were murdered, 2 of the local National Defense Forces (NDF) were also killed defending the shepherds, the criminals stole some of the sheep, mutilated the bodies of their victims, and burned their vehicles before fleeing toward the illegal US Army base.

Local sources affirm the attackers were from the US-created, funded, armed, and protected ISIS (ISIL - Daesh) terrorist group more active recently and each time a number of them graduate from the rehabilitation spas run by the other US-sponsored proxy Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists.

This is part of the latest escalation by the Biden forces illegally operating in Syria against the Syrian people stealing their food, water, oil, and gas, and supporting fringe radical terrorist groups.

We call them Biden forces because Biden is the incumbent commander in chief who in his first 8 years term running Obama initiated the war of terror on Syria, Trump continued with the same policy when he took over the commander in chief post of the US Army and explicitly stated the tasks of those forces in Syria to 'keep the oil' and the same continued through Biden's current term.

The town of Al Shola is about 30 kilometers southwest of the city of Deir Ezzor on an important crossroad, it's a small settlement of farms and grazing areas to which shepherds from the region flock to feed their sheep and get them to drink from the wells rarely available in that desert area.

Details in my report on Syria News with links to evidence of the US commanding ISIS terrorists: US-sponsored Forces Murder 6 Syrians in Deir Ezzor Countryside.

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