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Biden forces, illegally deployed and operating in Syria under the US Army banner, along with their proxy Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists continue plundering Syria's oil and wheat from the northeastern Syrian Jazira region and smuggling the spoils to their bases in neighboring Iraq.

Local sources corroborated by official Syrian statements reported the movement of dozens of tankers and lorries loaded with stolen Syrian oil and Wheat heading from Syria into the autonomous Kurdistan province in northern Iraq through an illegal border crossing at Al Walid area.

The reports confirmed the convoys were accompanied by armored vehicles of the US Army and Kurdish SDF separatists, both illegally operating in Syria.

All at the same time the US-led NATO 'defensive' alliance is pushing the world to a nuclear confrontation over Ukraine's alleged sovereignty in the face of Russia. Ukraine's sovereignty means, in the terms of Western officials: a puppet regime controlling vast areas of land in which they can plunder its resources, slave its people, experiment their biological weapons on them, and use their body organs as spare parts.

Biden's White House junta is continuing the policies in Syria of its former Trump regime and its former Obama regime, the latter in which degenerate senile and sinister Joe Biden was the Vice President.

US officials have repeatedly stated their objectives in spending tens of millions of dollars on monthly bases in Syria and using hundreds of the cannon fodders of the US Army illegally in the country half the way across the planet from their home country, the policy of depriving the Syrian people of their resources in order to subdue them into the neo-colonialism under the control of the US-led NATO 'defensive' alliance of anti-religious woke degenerate hemisphere.

Videos and statements of US officials starting with the commander in chief of the US forces to policy-makers at the Pentagon along with further details of the above-mentioned looting of Syria's resources in this report by Miri Wood for Syria News: Biden Illegals Steal More Syrian Oil and Grains.

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Thieves will always be thieves, interesting how the US Army went down from a mighty army, the world's largest, strongest, and most expensive army to literally oil and food thieves! It costs them hundreds of millions of dollars a month to steal a few million dollars worth of oil and food just to bring pain to the ordinary Syrian people, this is the Western values and exceptionalism they keep bragging about.

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