Poor system of Democracy in Africa

in #news5 years ago

Africa as was colonized by the the Europeans,after colonization all the countries in africa were able to gain independence.

After independence,most of the countries which were handled by the British actually practised Democracy,but if you really look deep you will tend to wonder if Democracy is what is being practised.

Democracy is supposed to be the government of the people,by the people and for the people.
But that theory is not being used at all,any politicians don't view politics from that angle.
The see it as a means of acquring power to enrish themselevs and their families,while the masses which the claim to represent are dying of starvation and suffering bitterly.

Democracy is being abused and not even practised,election is always suppose to speak the mind of the people but it always speaks the mind of the politicians because before election takes place the winner is already known.

There is nothing like free and fair election.elction rigging is always a thing of joy,killings on election day always massive because the want to gain power by all means..

Democracy should not be turn to a system of oppression to the poor citizens,lets improve the standard of our Democracy in africa.unnamed.png

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