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Since September 11th, 2001, we have been fed a lot of propaganda. We have been fed a whole lot of diversion. Much of this has swept what happened on 9/11 under the rug and has pushed post 9/11 political agendas into the future at the expense of the American people's liberty and the well being of many middle eastern countries who would become a victim of US foreign policy in the war on terror.

The events of 9/11 - and I'm talking about what ACTUALLY happened, not what NIST or any other government agency or politician who bows to political correctness says happened - have paved the path for the political atmosphere we live in today. This atmosphere is one where liberty is strangled and authority goes un questioned. The 9/11 attacks are today still used as an excuse to allow government to spy on the public and still provides the military industrial complex with lucrative contracts to fuel the neo-conservative agenda of interventionism.

For those brave people who weren't afraid to dig into the truths of 9/11, the last 16 years have been rough. We have seen the discussion and the truth movements evaporate, even while more professionals and evidence have emerged tunring the "official" narrative into a complete conspiracy theory. The reason for this, as I mentioned above, is because truth cannot survive in the current political atmosphere and mainstream media matrix that turns its back to anything that favors the general publics interests. Much of the media and political class depend on the division of the public over issues in which government should not be involved with in the first place. This creates the situation where the country continuously runs in circles and commits the insane act of giving government more control and a free pass to spend its way into an enormous deficit. The quote that is often attributed to Einstein comes to mind: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

So, here we stand 16 years later and even though it has come to light that the towers could not possibly have fallen in the fashion they did that day due to the collision of aircraft or office fires, another 9/11 will pass with ceremonies that rely on the government's fraudulent reason for why the towers collapsed.

In case you missed it, take a listen to what this former National Institute of Standards and Technology employee has to say about 9/11. He explains how he had been duped by the propaganda and when finally seeing the truth had no choice but to come out in public to expose the lies.

This interview is a part of the work of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, a nonpartisan group made up of thousands of professionals who have over and over again explained that the buildings were brought down due to a controlled demolition.

Find their work HERE.

We can choose to live in bliss and ignorance. We can choose to ignore the evidence. But this path will pave a grim future that no one will want to live in. It will be a future in which the truth is stuck beneath the ice, begging for those on top to break the surface so it can breathe. Sadly, those on top of the ice won't want the truth. The labels that come with truth telling will strike too much fear into their psyche.

The best thing to do would be to admit you have been lied to. Admit that this terrible lie has been placed into your reality and the most human thing to do is expose it. Coming to grips with the fact that three towers were brought down in a controlled demolition and you were convinced by the political class and media that something else happened is a VERY hard thing to come to grips with. But you must come to grips.

I could sit here all day and expose the 9/11 lies with evidence but that work has been done by many researchers. Thier work is readily available to you. You just need to decide if you want to swallow the red pill or not.

9/11 is the most important thing we can be discussing right now.

The lies surrounding 9/11 will forever be used to push the agenda of a never ending, hegemonic foreign policy and will keep the US on a fast track to financial armageddon, unless the truth is widespread.

Once you wake up the lies, you will be free again. You will see reality for what it is and what it is not.

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I open with 9/11 whenever I begin a real, rational political discussion with someone. If they cannot open their mind there, or at least understand the true reasons why it took place, we have nothing to talk about.

Thanks! Once you woke up to 911 its just a small step to the moonhoax and flat earth. The world is a lie. Enjoy the music of my friend Jaba:


Flat Earth is a weaponized conspiracy theory brought to us by the CIA to discredit all other conspiracy theories.

Great post @afarrell, This, as many of the last events are part of an agenda and we become puppets directed by the media. I can not agree more we can live in the darkness of ignorance or find the truth.