[News] Damn, at least 37 companies in Singapore has problem in the hiring process (by @ace108)

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News has it that a man got 38 jobs in 4 years with forge certificates.

See? https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/jail-man-who-forged-a-level-nus-certificates-get-38-jobs-4-years?cid=tdy%20wa_wa-am_social-msging-free_09102018_today
Source: todayonline.com

So, this guy got sentenced to 2 years and 11 months jail and $1,600 fine. Seems there at least some jobs related to construction. There is also some discussion in the forum at hardwarezone here: https://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drink-man-woman-16/guy-champ-chin-ming-lik-used-fake-qualifications-get-civil-engineering-jobs-6004733.html

The news mentioned

Once, he applied for a project manager job at CHL Construction, but turned down the offered monthly salary of S$7,500 as he found it insufficient.
Consider yourself lucky if he had turned down your offer but then again, why did you made him an offer in the first place?

Tell me something, guys. What's the HR in the 37 (38 minus 1) companies doing?

If you are working in HR in Singapore, check if you have hired this person in the last 4 years. If so, there IS something wrong wrong wrong with your hiring process when honest people cannot find jobs and you hire people like that.

Not sure if it's the same guy but #whysocurious found this on Linkedin.

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That is like the guys with the fake medical license!


Both could result in people dying.

Honestly, I do not know the hiring process in Singapore, but in my experience, most companies will not really care about diploma's. They request that you hold diploma X, but they will not truly verify this. The most I've ever had to do was upload a scan of my diploma, which would make forging it a lot more easy thatn produce the true thing with the watermarks and all.

Immediately after graduation people might still care, but later on, barely anyone cares.

But things like this go to show that perhaps people should care more...


The thing here is many companies still asked for your various education certs. Some nowdays they want hardcopies. At job fairs, the HR there asking for hardcopies of your CV. Some even want birth certs and marriage certs. So, we have print print print. There are some that asked for scans upload and originals for verification later.
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wow thats pretty scary. and nobody picked it up at all until the very end??


Now, how many other people have scam their way through is the scary thing. And, he get caught only because one check with the university and the guy at the university made a police report.


exactly. and i know for a fact many don't check the university degree and look at your experience and ring your reference instead


Well, he turned down a job that pays $7,500. Say over the 4 years, he earns $7,000 per month. That's $96,000 per year about $100K. So, $400K in 4 years and he save the money from not going to college.


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