Middle East Coming To A Boiling Point

in news •  3 months ago

The situation in Syria is getting out of hand. The Syrian Air Defense is on the highest alert in case of a possible strike by the U.S. and on top of this the Syrian Government has signed an agreement with Iran to continue Military cooperation after the war is over.

At the same time Iran has now claimed full control over the Strait of Hormuz.


This Strait is a key waterway for the exportation of oil in the region and Iran has just claimed full control over it telling the U.S. to leave the region. This will hamper Oil Exports and ultimately damage the entire world economy. Perhaps even ultimately destroying the U.S. economy entirely.

What will happen next? Historically, the U.S. has never taken these things lightly and will mostly like only result in the eruption of an even bigger war in the entire Middle East ultimately leading to the fall of America which we know is Mystery Babylon.

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Iran taking over that major waterway will probably not go over well...

All in due time. It could still take years for things to really boil over.


All in due time. It
Could still take years for things to
Really boil over.

                 - cifer44

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Christ returned over 7 years ago so, that means all the bad stuff is about to happen.

More info is available ra-el.org


Out with the old and in with the new! :D

Interrupting the flow of oil and potentially irreversibly damaging the U.S. economy will not be allowed by the U.S. they will go to full-scale war with Iran over it. The situation inside Syria is also likely to spill over the border into Israel which will be the battle of Har-Megiddo

WW3's about to begin!