Julian, California... Our final stop before heading back!

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Before we headed back to Texas, we had one final stop that Danny wanted to show me. He had told me about this slice of heaven for quite some time, Julian California. We made our way about a hour from San Diego, along curvy roads through the mountains. He told me about how Greg and Lisa, some great friends of ours, and himself would hop on their bikes and take the trip to have some delish apple pie. It really was a beautiful drive, a bit scary at time. I definitely cant imagine going along these two lane roads carved into the mountains on a damn motorcycle! But apparently, lots of bikers do! This is a normal ride for bikers around the area! (If you follow me at all, youll come to realize that I have quite a few fears. I call them irrational fears because the probability of one actually happening are slim, I.E. a boulder falling and crushing the car! It can be hard living in this head of mine!)


A Little History

Julian was established in 1870, during the gold rush, which was San Diego's first and only, lasting only from 1870-1900. After the gold rush, pioneers stayed around and started to farm the land. They found that apples grew wonderfully in the area. They grew 21 varieties and even won an award, Bronze Wilder Medal, which was top honor back then! Apples continue to be produced in the area, having many people flock to the area during the fall months to purchase apples and home made ciders. The town only has a population 1,502 people but the small country type roads get pretty damn busy during those Fall and Summer months. While I would be little frightened to venture up them curvy roadways through the mountains, I hear Winter is spectacular there as well!

Julian is sitting at 4,226' in elevation in the beautiful Cuyamaca Mountains. It was nice to see a different side of California, away from all the hustle of the city life. There was forests with huge trees and flowers were everywhere. Being in Julian kind of reminded me of home. With its historic streets and antique and specialty shops, I felt like I was in downtown Corsicana. I will say, their streets were kept in much better condition than ours, though! :P

They had shops ranging from antiques, to candy, to jams, to handmade clothes, to home and body. I was able to take a few great pictures before my phone ran out of battery. Ill share those with you, along with some others I found on the interwebs, properly sourced, of course! Sadly, we didnt get to hang around for too long as there was many many miles to drive but Ill share with you what we did get to see! ;)

The Shops

Moms Pie House

Our first stop was for PIE, of course! Moms was created in 1984 and the original location was only a 10x22' room with seating for 2. She made her pies using one electric oven and peeled all her own apples. She eventually had lines wrapping around the building, waiting to eat her delicious apple pies. In 1987 she expanded, getting a bigger kitchen and sitting area for her customers. Along with the building, her menu also expanded. Along with the homemade pies using apples grown right there in the area, she began baking other flavors of pies, cookies and other sweet goodies. After over 30 years in business, you can still view her from the front window, rolling out these delicious pies!


She was too excited for the apple pie and ice cream!

Delicious apple pie with ice cream and a latte, great little treat!

The Candy Basket

Sophie just had to have a sucker! After asking a guy at the little grocery shop, he said to check out The Candy Basket. This was a very cute little candy shop, properly named "Julians Best Little Candy Store". Walking inside you see all you old time favorites and candy from around the world. From fudge to rock candy, they even had handcrafted sodas (with over 100 varieties), all organic and kosher! They specialize in having what other candy stores dont have, candies that are hard to find anywhere else.



Crow & Lilac

I found this little shop while looking for Sophies sucker! The smell lured me in. This store features handmade 100% natural and organic home and body products and local and regional art. I purchased a peppermint and charcoal body soap. It is beyond expectation! You feel soo fresh and rejuvenated after using and it was wrapped in a super cute black and polkadot cloth and a handmade tag.

There are MANY other stores in the area, sadly this is all we got to stop to see. I did get to snap a few pictures as we were walking down the sidewalks, back to the truck. Just check out these places. Super cool old timey feels!

I hope you enjoyed taking a trip through Julian with me! If you are near San Diego do yourself a favor and stop by Moms place for some great apple pie and coffee. And take a walk around the area. Talk with the locals and learn about some of their awesome history! Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time Steemians,

Peace, love and apple pie!

(All pictures mine unless listed as sourced, and taken with my Samsung phone!)

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Great things are being done here! Keep it up & I will keep tagging @ned so hopefully all these initiatives that help @steemit can get some much needed support!


What? @dynamicrypto you are silly!


Thank so much for stopping by! We all need as much help as possible! ;)

My sister used to live down there close to Julian. She and hubby now live in So. Utah. And my dad was born in Texas (Quanah), so you and I are like relatives! Anyway, glad you got to stop in Julian.


I like it!
Thanks for stopping by!

oh my... I almost missed out this post. I enjoy reading the way you write the post which somehow suits my ready rhythm.
The most admirable fact about this post is full of family love and passion and at the same time give me a virtual tour of this town.
I wish I have a higher steem power to give your post a booster
Anyway, keep up the great article


Ah, thank you so much @digitalmind. What a nice comment! Im so glad you enjoyed taking a trip to Julian with me! Thanks for stopping by! :)

I've been to Julian some years ago, so much fun, great to see it hasn't changed much. My husband tries to talk me into locking my wallet in the car trunk. Yeah, like that would work. ;-}


Bahaha!!! A lady NEVER leaves her wallet in the trunk! ;)

That was a nice small town profile. It looks like it could be a fairy sweet tooth of a place to visit, pies and candies, and Ice Creams, oh and world candies, hard to find candies, and I best not think of candy anymore it's gonna make those blood numbers blow up just thinking about all that sugar, but the home made pies, now those looked good.


Thank you so much @bashadow! Yes, this is a place to go to cure that sweet tooth, for sure! The apple pie was the best and they made a great latte as well! Thanks for stopping by, always good to see your name pop up! :)

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Wow! Thank you so much! :)

All that food sounds really good. I'm not much of an apple pie fan (I know, what's wrong with me), but as long as there's other kinds of fruit pies to be eaten, I'm there. Plus everyone else in the family are pretty big apple pie fans.

Julian looks like a very nice place. I haven't been down in that part of California, so I'm not surprised I haven't heard about it before. My wife and I met, got married and had two boys in the Orange County area and only made it down to San Diego once during that four year period of time. Which means no way did we end up inland.

You've made me want to go there, though. I'll have to remember this place the next time we go down to visit the inlaws. :)


Oh man, sooo many other kinds of pie! A lady had gotten blackberry while we were there and it looked absolutely delicious! Im a fan of all pie, no discrimination here! LOL I just had to have the apple, since thats where it all began!

If you make it up that way, do go! The mountains in the area are beautiful. I wish I had gotten more pictures of the drive. I took a video going around the turns, at times the road line zig zagged from the rocks sticking out. But sadly I couldnt get the dang video to work here. Definitely would make a beautiful day trip. Especially during the Fall, everything Ive heard and seen has said Fall is the best time to go!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

I was from northern California and many places we share very similar experiences as you did! Thank you for sharing!

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Thanks @thehive, youre awesome!

I love Julian. It's my hideaway.

You see, I live in Yuma, AZ which is hot, dry and dusty. Not to mention flat and straight. My motorcycles just love the roads and elevation in the Laguna Mountains.

I've posted multiple times about Julian and the area around it, but it was really cool to see a 'virgin' look at the town. Gave me a little different perspective which is always so important.

The Miner Diner is my favorite eating spot, though several are wonderful. If I can get there early enough they still have 'spam and eggs' on the menu. The only place I know with such exotica.

Thank You. I very much appreciate it.


How awesome! I so wanted to eat at The Miner Diner! Seemed like a cool little spot. I couldve spent the entire day there, I can see why its your "hide away".

We travel through Yuma, both on the way to Cali and on the way back to Texas. On our way there it was soooo windy and dusty! It was insane. I think we hit the wind before we even got out of Texas and continued with it all the way to Cali, it didnt stop until we made it into the mountains. And yes hot, is definitely a word I would use to describe Yuma, and thats coming from a true Texan! LOL

Thank you so much for stopping bye and sharing your experiences here and for your kind words!

Such a beautiful little town, seemingly untouched by the hustle and bustle that has consumed the greater California area! Love the pictures! I hadn't been to Julian since...well, let's just say before your oldest sister was born!

What fun! Thanks for sharing!

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lovely pics of your trip- I was born in So Cal and lived there for over 18 years and have never even heard of Julian or the Cuyamaca Mountains. It sounds like a wonderful place to visit. The setting reminds me of Laguna Nigel a little bit. Thanks for sharing with us - I may have to add this to my destination list to visit one day.


Definitely do! It was so nice and the mountain area was beautiful! A good change from the busyness of Cali. Where about in So Cal?

Thank you @smylie2005 !! I always love to see pictures of home. I grew up in Mission Viejo. I had heard of Julian, never did visit. I was always told it was a biker town. Now I see I missed out on a lot. If I ever get back home to visit, I'll have to drag the hubby and go check it out.


For sure! A bikers pie heaven! LOL The hubby said its a "bikers town" because of the awesome ride through the mountains. It really was something. A ride Ill never forget and we were in a truck... cant imagine going on a bike! We actually drove through your neck of the woods on our way to Oceanside. It really is a beautiful area. Its insane how much everything has grown around there. If you do make it back out that way, definitely check it out! Its sure to not disappoint!

Thanks for stopping by!

We love road trips like this! Fun!


Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for stopping by :D

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Cool explanation and good photos. Keep going!


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed!

I'm sorry...But I really need to ask...

Who even knew there was 21 varieties of apples?

Wow this post had the feel of stepping out of time and visiting a bygone era. I see small towns like this in TV dramas all the time, but I thought it was more a case of creative set-builders than quaint little places like this actually still existing.

I would love to visit the States and go on a road-trip taking in places just like this, what an experience! I always here folks from the US saying how "quaint" the UK is, but experience wise this is a match for anything we have here!

Thankyou for allowing us to stowaway in your camera-box and live vicariously through your visit. Take great care and have copious helpings of fun (and occasional apple pie ofcourse!) :D


I had NO idea! LOL Im so glad you enjoyed going on a little trip through Julian with us! I love visiting places like this. Takes you back to a time where it was a little slower, you enjoyed things a little more. When life was more than only work and the daily hustle. Where you just eat the damn pie because pie is freakin tasty! :P Thank you so much for stopping by!

Part Mayberry, part Stephen King novel, no? LOL!

Thanks for the cool post.

Namaste, JaiChai


HAHA!! Possibly! Thanks for stopping by :D

This was a great trip! I wish such great adventures into paradise was so easily obtainable for my family and I! Hey, one question though... Why the center margin?


Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! I also wish I had something like this a little closer to home. Id have to venture pretty far out to find a place like this. I guess Ill just have to visit California more often! lol

As for the center margin, I like things centered! Probably the OCD in me. ;)

Here I am silly me! I was thinking that Julian was your husband or your daughter! lol.
I think Julian is such a cozy and quite town. I love the shops as well. I'm happy to checkout different shops outside from what I have in my place. Love it!


Haha! That would be a beautiful name!

Yes, it was very cozy and the people were so nice. I really wish we couldve visited more of the shops, especially the diner. Someone had mentioned that it was delicious! Thank you so much for stopping by!


Yes it is a beautiful name!

Good thing I didn't skim read or else I've would've said something tragic. lol I'd love to get to see more.

I love these older towns. What a charming place! The "Big Boy"! My gosh, I remember seeing these all the time growing up.

It's nice to know that places like this still exist throughout the country. We have a few in our area and I always like to visit and support them 'staying'.

Enjoyed reading about Julian, CA immensely!


So glad you enjoyed! I wish there were places like this all over. It just takes you back to a time when people enjoyed other people. I didnt see people walking around with their heads in their phones. People spoke to each other, making eye contact. It was a definite nice change! Thanks for stopping by!


Yes, exactly. We have quite a few here in North Carolina....one just 20 minutes from me. All local/unique businesses (family owned) and they've created their own money which the local banks are now accepting :) I think places like Julian are important - the backbone of America and its spirit. Along with farmers. I like to support both to keep them going.

I LOVE little places like this!! The history alone makes me imagine all kinds of crazy stuff when I wander. And I love the simplicity of it all...what else do you really need? A good diner, some candy, and apple pie and ice cream :)

Congratulations of the ocd-resteem too! So cool :)

I'd give you a huge upvote if I could, but my voting power was in a terrible accident last night and is currently being healed :)


Thank you @lynncoyle1! My first big hit! :D Just you stopping by to spread your cheer is good with me!


The "hits" are pretty exciting...you always remember your first :)

Consider this more cheer than haha