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RE: A Brisket a Day...

Well why is it that I didn't know you were @smylie2005's mom!! It is so nice to meet you @mamjeani:) I'm a part of @newbieresteemday and think your daughter is awesome!

That food looks amazing! I love to cook (used to own a restaurant and cooked there), in fact, I've got some ribs slow cooking as I type this. Seeing your recipe is awesome...never heard of Bull n' Beans before, but I think it will be something I'm going to make soon enough ;)

Thanks for this...congratulations on being hit by @curie here as well ;) And most importantly, it so nice to know you now!!


Yes! Thats MY momma!! :D Shes taught me everything I know. I didnt know you had a restaurant?! How nice! Learn something new everyday! Youll love the Bull N Beans! Its sooooo good. Sadly, for me, not her, she sold out of the bull and beans before I could get any! Damned customers! lol

It's always the customers who ruin the restaurant experience haha

Yep, when Brian and I met, we realized it was something we had always both wanted to do, so I took a leave from teaching, and we did it! I absolutely loved it, but it was also at the same time that he started to get more sick, so the doctor said to get rid of stress. Well I don't have to tell you that the restaurant was sadly, the first thing to go!

Those damned customers ruin everything! I mean, just put your money in the mail slot and leave!!

Its something I would love to do but yes, the stress is killer and I dont think I want that in my life! I would love to open a small bakery one day, but it wouldnt fly in this area. Im thinking coastal for sure!

hahaha so true!!

Yep, go where they want it ;)

Where exactly are you in Texas? My brother is in Frisco ;)

Im about 60 miles south of Dallas.. A small town called Corsicana.

I dont really know if they want it coastal but I sure could deal w ith the stress a little better if my night ended by the beach everyday! lol

Oh I know where Corsicana is.

Yes, life overall is better with a beach nearby :)

Oh yes! Im counting down the days till we leave for Cali. I think I may loose my mind if it keeps getting moved back! lol We are set to leave 10th or the 11th! Eeekk! So excited! :D

Awesome!! You are going to have so much fun! Isn't part of a vacation all the excitement leading up to it? don't have to answer that...your comment is oozing excitement haha

It's wonderful to meet you, too, @lynncoyle1 ! @smylie2005 is pretty darned great, isn't she? I'm thrilled about @curie!!! I like to have fallen out of my chair! lolol Thank you and I'm sure we'll see eeach other again!

Please dont fall out of your chair . :✌🏻😝Wed likd yiu to stick around.

Thank goodness Danny tightened up all the legs on these wobbly chairs!!! I'm safe! ;)

You are most welcome! And yes, she "is pretty darned great"...nice job mom!!

No kidding about @curie!! My husband @briancourteau just woke up to the same surprise yesterday for a beautiful love letter he wrote me; he was grinning a day ;)

I am looking forward to learning more about you !!

And I am, about you, too! Thanks for the warm welcome!