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In this 5 point series, I will be giving you basic steps on how you can improve yourself for better. Self-improvement is a necessity if you aim at being successful. Self-improvement requires, persistence, drive and continuous hard work. If you follow this steps I will be listing out regularly, you will watch your self-worth improve.


One of the basic steps to improve yourself is by reading. Reading means acquiring knowledge by decoding symbols. The power of reading cannot be over stressed. Reading opens your mind to a lot of ideas, innovations and inspirations. By reading, you can have that major idea that can make you successful. Like I always say, you need just an idea to be successful and it could come when reading. Someone once said if you want to hide a knowledge, put it in the covers of a book that is how powerful reading is. Read books that follow your passion.

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Reading puts you at the advantage over others, knowledgeable people attracts people to themselves and this can be gotten when you read. It could be inspirational books, relationship books, motivational books, educational books, scientific books and many others. I know of a friend who joined a group where they all had to read a book for a month, I can’t just imagine how much knowledge they are going to acquire throughout the year. When you read, you tend to know more, and also learn more. We are in the era of technology where you can get an eBook online and read. Here are few books that can add value
-Why you act the way you do- Tim lahaye
-Intelligence for life- John tesh
-29 leadership secrets- Jack welch
-Uncover your potential- Myles munroe
You can add other books that we can read.

-Start reading a book today.
-Get on a reading challenge.

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Really inspirational dear.You are totally doing great.CHEERS


Thank you so much @stephenpaul