Followers Appreciation Promotion (17)

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Followers Appreciation Promotion

😎 Let's Get You Noticed 😎 : Click Me 😎

Normally I give out upvotes in this promotion but this week I will change it up a little. Instead of upvotes I will be sending one of you most recent post to the promoted section of Steemit.

Rules :

  • Follow Me
  • Upvote this topic
  • One entry per follower
  • Leave a link in the comment section to one of your most recent post
  • I will then send your post to the promoted section of Steemit

Optional Rules :

  • Resteem this post

Disclaimer : With the promotion getting so many entries, I may miss an entry. This is not done intentionally nor will it happen often. Only post that are not past the 7 day payment threshold will be sent to the promoted section.

This Weeks Featured Followers

Our First Featured Follower is @poyim. Currently he runs a very fun game called, What the FLICK? which is allot of fun. In this game you have to guess a movie title based on a couple pictures. An example is below. To play in his latest game click here.

The movie title for the below image is Blade Runner.

Our next Featured Follower is @la2410. Their latest post is called Is it real or #FakeNews? can be found by clicking here. Below is the caption in his post. Head over and give it an upvote if you like it.

To Become a Featured Follower all you have to do is be my follower and participate in this promotion. Two random entries are picked each week and their blogs featured.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Love you bro! You are always there for the Steemit community. Here's the post I'm most proud of recently.


Thanks for your support and wow what awesome photo's.

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Your solo self votes are a wastes since they go to zero after 7 days. FYI.


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Thanks for including me in your Featured Followers!! Check out my Free Resteem Service:


Your welcome ... Sent .. ...

I upvoted you and already following you but I can't resteem it's business page. If possible please promote me

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Thanks for your support. Resteeming is optional and not required in my post / promotions.

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Thank you so much

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@rentmoney, you win my #5 Free 🤑1 STEEM to 1 random comment..


This is awesome .. .thank you :)

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Thanks for making me your Featured Follower! So awesome. :D
I'm glad you enjoy my games and I hope others will too.

You Rock, man!


Your welcome thanks for taking the time to read my content.

Already was a follower, upvoted, leaving this link for resteem and will do the optional resteeming of this post. Thank you my friend.


Thanks for the support. Your topic has been sent to the promoted section of Steemit.

Free resteem+ upvote courtesy of @untapentuoreja


Thanks for your participation. The post you suggested is a month old. There is no promote option for post that are that old so I am unable to send it to the promoted section of Steemit. I looked at the other blogs posted and seen there is an update post that is 6 days old so I promoted that one instead.