Battle-Steem 10 Bonus Game + Clue

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I have hidden a game within a game.

For the last three weeks there is something very specific about our weekly Battle-Steem game and if you find out what that is you will easily locate my Steem-Ships.

The first person to find out what this specific thing is and post it in this thread wins a @dustsweeper starter account. Contest closes on post payout.

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@sparkesy43 has answered correctly with the guess ..

The ship locations have been the same across the last 3 rounds

Congrats you have won a free @dustsweeper starter account. You should receive a wallet message shortly confirming your account.


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New Game can be found below !


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The location of the ships spells out UFC ROCKS


Awesome guess and I wish I would have thought of that.

Test number 2

Testing ... Testing ...

We don't play the game, the game plays us!

Unless I'm mistaken. The ship locations have been the same across the last 3 rounds


I think you nailed it lol

Is there a deeper meaning though...?

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Congrats your the winner. You should be receiving a wallet message soon confirming your new dusty account.


Awesome. Thanks mate.


Your Welcome !

It was just a dream.

Hey mate, there's a typo in one of your tags: dustweepers -> dustsweepers


Thanks allot for letting me know.

. ... I just changed the tag completely as I notice that there weren't many using the dusty tag.

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Assassin's Creed Unity Xbox One Game Download Code as one of the prizes ?

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