Psychotic Sociopaths these people are literally crazy, and that's why all of this is so insane.

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Bookworm writes,

Mueller's pit bull violates Professional Conduct 101. Thanks to Bruce Ohr's testimony, we know that Andrew Weissmann, the attorney known as "Mueller's pit bull," was part of the whole discredited FISA application. in other words, the same person investigating Trump for alleged Russian collusion was at all time privy to the fact the whole basis for the Russia Collusion __ the steele dossier___was an unverifiable hit piece paid by Clinton Collusion with the Russian. Wow!

It would be most helpful if the Department of Justice could please investigate and then prosecute themselves and/or members of the previous administration, so that journalists like John Solomon, Sara Carter, Luke Rosiak, Chuck Ross and others don't have to continue to break stories that are seemingly ignored by all but a handful of Congressional investigators.

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