McKibben: Battle for the Soul of America

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Decentralize Social Media before it is to late.

ig. 3: Michael McKibben—Battle for the Soul of America. Mike McKibben explains how Leader Technologies discovered that their patent attorney, James P. Chandler, stole their social networking invention and fed it to IBM and the Deep State rogue shadow government. He also describes his former work in the former Soviet Union where he observed the death of the globalist assault on Christianity in Russia, which is now being repeated in America.

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The timeline also reveals disturbing long-time collusion of Leader’s former patent attorney, James P. Chandler, with the White House ever since Bill Clinton's presidency, right through George Bush and Barack Obama. It also shows his collusion with rogue intelligence operatives in the NSA, CIA, FBI and with IBM, among others. Perhaps this is why former executives from these agencies are speaking out against President Trump right now? They are attempting to hide this collusion?
Fig. 4—MILLER ACT NOTICE TIMELINE contained in Leader Technologies' Miller Act Notice served on the White House on Jul. 24, 2017.

Leader shows how the U.S. government stole its social networking inventions through Chandler, who was also Bill Clinton’s intelligence advisor. The timeline also reveals a disturbing pattern of collusion among rogue elements of the FBI, NSA and CIA with private industry that included former director Robert Mueller. Mueller is now leading the ever-expanding Donald Trump Russia collusion witch hunt.

Leader demands payment for 17 years of government theft

Leader says the damages are valued at least $40 billion for historical damages, which they say is not actually close to the real number, and $184 billion per year in ongoing annual license fees. It appears that these amounts will be paid by the surety bond holders who supply the federal government's intelligence apparatus, companies like IBM, Microsoft, Xerox, etc. This puts the payout in the coming years at well over one trillion dollars. The claim is after taxes, which means the government may generate $20 billion or more per year in taxes from this claim as the bond holders pay out.

Former defense secretary Robert M. Gates said in his book Duty that this rogue White House National Security Staff operation had already engulfed the White House during his tenure. He said it had grown from 50 under Clinton to 350 under Obama—a 700% increase. It appears that the primary goal of this surveillance is blackmail. National security has only ever been the excuse to consolidate the Deep State shadow government’s power.

Leader’s lead inventor, Michael McKibben, said “many investigators from around the country have been working on this notice for a long time. He also said that "numerous prominent whistleblowers have helped fill in the pieces of the puzzle.”

McKibben said he will be making a statement in the next few days. He emphasized that President Trump had nothing to do with the theft of social networking, but his predecessors Clinton, Bush and Obama did.

“On behalf of myself and my shareholders, I ask President Trump to correct the injustices we have suffered at the hands of an un-elected, rogue shadow government that has evidently hijacked the Internet to try and maintain their power.” McKibben said all he has ever wanted was a level playing field as promised in the U.S Constitution. Instead, he has encountered only crony capitalism where the winners and losers are predetermined and the courts are rigged. “In our experience, 'Deep State shadow government' is an accurate description for what we have uncovered,” he said. “I am asking the President to finally do right by me, my investors, private property rights, the U.S. Constitution and the Rule of Law.”

Fig. 6—JAMES P. CHANDLER, IIII, BILL CLINTON SPY MASTER first learned about Leader/McKibben's social networking designs in early 2000. By this meeting on Jun. 8, 2000 he was studying every detail. Chandler is pictured here seated in the white shirt against the wall on the right side of this photo with his legal assistant Kelley E. Clements to the viewer's right. Co-inventor Michael McKibben and Jeffrey Lamb are picture standing in the back left of the photo. Photo: Leader Technologies, Inc.
Regarding the current Russian narrative, McKibben has a unique perspective.

Russian collusion—Yes! Proven for Hillary, Bill, Podesta, Google, Intel and cisco

See the facts:

McKibben said, “It is too easy for Americans to simply yell 'The Russians!' because relatively few Americans go there, much less fly to the Crimea, for example, and verify the stories. So, it is safe to make up lies and never get caught. By the way, I have actually been to the Crimea. I have met families who lost their loved ones in Stalin's mass starvation of up to 10 million Ukrainian Christian farmers (as much as 25% of the population) who were resisting Communism in 1932-33 (Holodomor)."

McKibben continued, "several PROVABLE RUSSIAN FACTS are that Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 for a Renaissance Capital speech in Moscow on Jun. 29, 2010, according to Hillary Clinton 2010 financial disclosure. Another proven fact from the Massachusetts Secretary of State corporate filings is that John Podesta was a director of Joule Unlimited in Boston when Putin’s company Rusnano invested $35 million.” See below:
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“Those engagements clearly broke U.S. law and showed the Russians that American values are equally as corrupt as theirs. It is utterly immoral that Obama, Clinton and their Deep State cohorts allowed this to go on with no accountabilty or consequence.”

McKibben believes that the shadow government elitists who stole his social networking inventions are projecting their sins onto Donald Trump as a smoke screen. He says, "it's a red herring, in my opinion."

In the 70's and early 80's, McKibben, a civil engineer and former professonal musician, took contemporary Gospel music groups named Living Sound into Poland and the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War. He said, "while Leonid Brezhnev was still ruling, honest Soviet citizens sacrificed greatly to achieve some unprecedented results from that work, including organizing our Gospel music performance on national Soviet TV, our music being included on the official 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics film, and the distribution of up to one million Living Sound EPs in 1981."

McKibben says he may have even encountered a young KGB officer named Vladimir Putin at a Leningrad airport security checkpoint where he was body searched after meeting with a Christian activist in Estonia whose sole crime was the anti-Soviet organizing of Christian concerts, and had just been released from prison. Putin was in charge of monitoring foreigners in Leningrad then.

McKibben said in recent years Vladimir Putin says he has come to embrace the Christian faith that he once persecuted. "I hope and pray that is true," said McKibben, who counts John Paul II (now sainted) among his friends and patrons from his work in Poland. "In 1995, I met the late Russian Patriarch Alexy and the current Patriarch Kirill. I also participated in one of the first Church processions allowed in the streets of Moscow since 1917. It was a moving event. We stopped at Lubyanka Square (the former KGB headquarters—infamously known as the "Gateway to the Gulag" through which millions of citizens were sent to their deaths), just after the mass murderer Dzerzhinsky's statue had been toppled and a rough-hewn cross had been strapped to its base. We sang the Orthodox Christian funeral hymn 'Memory Eternal' remembering the martyrs of the Gulag. I will never forget it."

"Mr. Putin's conduct appears contradictory, but such contradictions are not unique to Russians! The closet Muslim Barack Hussein Obama told us before the 2008 election that he was a Christian too. That was evidently a heinous lie. Time will tell regarding Mr. Putin. Jesus said you will know people's real values by the fruits of their actions, not their words."

“Do I blame the Russian government for trying to engage Clinton and Podesta? No. Everyone has known for decades that is what they do. But, to demonize the whole country of Russia is absolutely ridiculous. I know scores of honest, ethical Russians. I watched some of my Russian friends serve prison terms in the U.S.S.R. for standing up for truth and against the lies in their communist society. The grandfather of one friend came out of the Gulag with tuberculosis after suffering for over five years in 10 Soviet prisons and camps. His grandpa died at age 34 from that tuberculosis. What was his grandpa's crime? Befriending American soldiers from the 69th Infantry Division who took him in off the streets after he was liberated from a German slave labor camp.”

"America was called by God to set a higher ethical example for the world. We desperately need to get back to our roots."

"Do I blame Clinton and Podesta for cutting secret deals with the Russians while she was Secretary of State in order to enrich The Clinton Foundation and their globalist agenda? Yes—absolutely!"

Rogue Spy Blackmail Scheme

“Even the FBI admitted recently that not a single terrorist has been stopped by the illegal dragnet surveillance that they set up using our social networking inventions. But it stands to reason that these bad guys have used this data for blackmail, as many whistleblowers now affirm. They evidently have the dirt on many in Congress and the Courts. We need some sort of truth and reconciliation commission to sort out this rogue spy blackmail scheme.”

“God gave us a reprieve with the election of Donald J. Trump. With the funds we are demanding we will finally have an opportunity to introduce our social networking invention in the right way—a way that keeps what everyone likes about social networking, and also respects our Fourth Amendment rights to privacy from unlawful government intrusion,” McKibben concluded. "We fought a revolution over this issue! Why would we give it up now?"

Click here to download a copy of Leader/McKibben’s Miller Act Notice just served on the White House.

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