Why Motley Crue tells me Bitcoin is the Future

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Let me first introduce Motley Crue, a really fascinating band that  came out of the early 80’s LA sunset scene led by Nikki Sixx.   Innovators and entertainers they pushed the scene and created their own  image and persona. The Crue didn’t ask for permission. They didn’t try  and fit in with the music of the time, they took all the influences  around them and created there own sound of raw energy. Listen to the  track Live Wire to get a feeling for this raw power. This is their 1st  time in front of a massive audience. Vince is a mere 22, Tommy 21.   Considered a horrible performance by many I find it so innocent and  pure. Here are these LA club gods, and now they are are in front of an  army of random festival fans that have never heard of them. You can  sense the nervousness of performing at this level.  

So Crue was on the cutting edge of entertainment in capturing the lifestyle and fashion at the time. Here is a clip from the most watched VH1 Behind the Music ever, the  best part is last. ‘They have embraced every guilty pleasure…sex drugs  rock and roll stuff…including cybersurfing.’  

Why is this important? Because people fear and demonize things they  don’t understand. Internet was new and so all it took was a few bad  actors to push public opinion into lumping ‘cybersurfing’ with something  to be attacked, Motley Crue. Crue are some of the most brilliant  marketers you will find. They purposely made “parents/adults” hate them  by doing some awesome publicity stunts, and the net effect is that the  kids loved them. Kids love what their parents hate. Bitcoin is analogous to ‘cybersurfing’ in this video right now. It is  feared and misunderstood by many because it is new.  The bad actors  have taken the spotlight and the public’s perception is that Bitcoin is  for illegal things used by people that engage in ‘guilty pleasures’.   


Classic stuff. Thanks for Brining me back to a great time in the past that I was lucky enough to experience.