Steemit should be for everybody not just successful writers. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

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Looks like the majority of Steemian are newbies. I am a steem mini Whale and I feel sorry for the newbies.
It must be discouraging to hear all this good stuff about Steemit and you get zilch zero nada nothing for the 20 posts that u put 40 hours of work into.
We need to level the playing field so newbies can get some of the action.
Any ideas how to do this newbies?
I'm worried you guys are not gonna stick around


As newbie, I thank you very much for this post. I'm not in it for the money, but watching the numbers is rather entertaining, but for a new experience, new information, skills, connections, etc.

Only comments develop social networks

This has been true, but it is changing very quickly. Many of the newer posters and those who post quality content are getting noticed much more quickly now.

I think your worries are warranted. Distribution of votes tend to go to what promotes Steemit rather than just awesome content.

I feel successful writers should be rewarded... but there are also a great deal of awesome writings I have come across which deserve a lot of attention and have gotten none.

Some of my best writings just got a few bucks or pennies. I must admit it has incentivised me to not write as much... but Im not at point of leaving. I can see how others can lose faith.

They are working on this and I am sure that many more checks and balances are in the works. Its still Beta so its important that people speak up about what they want and the concerns they have. I still have faith.

Yeah I'm a newbie to this and you read some of the articles on here on how to make some Steem and it all seems promising but it is defiantly a lot harder then what they make it sound like. I know I have only posted a couple things but it's what I'm interested in and going on in my life. People want to get rich quick but I understand it will take time like everything but it would be nice to see some progress. For example voting early on articles I have done that a few times but it doesn't seem to help. I don't know what else to do to get stem power up.

Dude, I always think that my next post will be "the one" that gets me noticed. It hasn't worked out yet, but I can't stop trying. It is kind of messed up, though. We ARE creating new and original content for the site as much as the "established" writers. Why not create a whale bot that detects original content by minnows and sends a notification to some "real" whales to check out those posts and upvote accordingly.

A reward lottery would be pretty cool. Each post has a reserve for a lottery payment to one lucky curator regardless of SP holdings. This wouldnt work unless there was a significant amount of voters, so maybe after 20 up votes the lottery is applied.

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we probably need a bigger "middle class"... the few whales can't possibly find all the emerging excellent minnow content on their own, so perhaps there aren't enough dolphins or dolphins simply aren't powerful enough to help identify the worthy content

that being said, if I make millions sharing my own content then of course thats great. If not, well not being heard or compensated or even thanked for sharing my knowledge hasn't slowed me down or shut me up on any other social media platform or outlet, so it won't here either

you could always follow me @juneaugoldbuyer ;-) I do try hard to provide a wide variety of good original content.

How did you become a Mini Whale? Did you buy in?

Just keep supporting the new writers who are coming in and producing quality posts. As a "mini-whale," you can make a difference with your vote. Even just a few cents from a single vote is encouraging to a new user. Continue showing your support and we'll keep doing the same with each other. That's really the only option we have right now.

(I just posted a new article in my coffee series, if you want something to support. It's installment number four.)

I will be up voting when my voting power is back up

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